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What maintenance is needed for my AWD hybrid Lexus SUV? At 106 k miles?

My schedule maintenance log shows at 60,000 miles to Replace engine oil & oil filter, reset reminder light, rotate tires, visually inspect brake pads & rotors & road test vehicles.

The additional maintenance required is if u drive on dirt or dusty roads. I do not.

Yet when I call shops to get estimates-they include the additional maintenance.

When the car is locked up and outside, all the doors and sun roof open up if it rains. This has only happened at night, but that might be coincidence. I think it has to do with the rain. Is there a water sensor that affects the doors?

problem happens daily.


Radio comes on but has no volume and had to replace the 12 volt battery

dealer says front motor mount is soft and dogbone should be replaced, it this common with only 82,000 miles.

Car runs little while then shuts off

Price is below blue book and dent free.

Is there something that can be done? Did they use the wrong replacement parts?

I was on the highway, in traffic, driving like I normally do, except I had the AC on. I noticed that the Hybrid battery Icon drained to almost nothing within a min. Is the battery malfunctioning? Can the battery completely drain while I am driving,. I had to shut the AC off (sweat ) and then the battery starting to come back up. however it took a while. I had to drive in a hot car, in order to have the battery charge back up

So about 2 days ago I replaced the front axle on the front passenger side, now it is popping up check awd system and check vacation system, and my rear electric motor is not operating any information on a sensor issue maybe?

107,000 miles, about a month ago, brakes started doing a vibration/shake when stopping in parking lots, parking spaces, garage, etc. all at very slow speeds, and the vibration would occur just before final stoppage. Braking at normal speeds seems normal without any loss. But the vibration at parking lot speeds is horrible.

mechanic has replaced left rear wheel bearings,rear strut assemblies and mounts(found right rear strut was broken),drained and refilled rear differential oil replaced Left rear wheel bearings,4 wheel alignment,and replaced 2 rear lower steering knuckle Control Rods. problem still exits when acceleration reaches 38 mph and above, diminishes some when braking, no thumping when traveling under 38mph

Has anyone had the brake lines cleaned and checked for any contaminants that may have caused the ABS Actuator to fail to operate properly, prior to replacing it?

Also, did he begin shortly after the brakes were done? I have learn that some tech's at chain tire/brake shops will push the caliber piston in, opposed to releasing the fluid, as it is a hassle for them when they are in a hurry. This cause contaminants to enter the system, which will leads to failure.

I'm hearing they are very expensive

i'm considering waiting until $130k before replacing

Would be the beginning of my battery pack failing?

Brought it to the dealer. They said the oil pump for the hybrid system needs to be replaced. They also made the comment that the mechanic won't know until he/she removes the rear bumper if he/she needs to replace the wiring harness. It would be no more than $1600.00. I brought it to my mechanic who will do it next week. He didn't understand what they meant about the wiring harness. Any info would be helpful. I have 250K on the car. The mechanic has worked on it since I bought it with 25k.
Thanks in advance.

In Feb. 2012, I bought a 2006 RX400h which had a new hybrid battery. Since then, the battery has been replaced 3 times! In 1/2013, in 1/2014, and now 3/2015! What is up with the battery for this model? I can't believe there hasn't been some sort of recall by Lexus.

What is the mount? What is the cost to replace both of these? The repair is to Replace Rear Schocks and Mounts

I backed into a tree and hit it only with passenger side mirror. Wasn't going fast as driveway was iced up. I had power steering before bumping the tree but lost it immediately after. Lexus dealer found codes C1532 & C1568. C1568 reset but C1532 came back in and won't reset. Also have the red "P/S Fail" light on dash. dealer says all connections and wires checked good.

I drove it yesterday and it was fine. Tried to leave this morning and could not turn the key. I have never known anything like this. Is this a problem Lexus have? My car has 135,000 miles.