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The multi display with navigation is require more plugs than the one without navigation. Kindly advice how to modify to provide the require plugs. How to modify wiring?
It didn’t make a humming noise when the AC was running prior to the fan replacement, but now it is? Why would this have changed? What needs to be done to fix it?
It just dies with no power and nothing works, Hybrid Check and Engine lights come on
During Light acceleration pedal, floor , seat vibrates
While the vehicle was left sitting in my driveway after recent use, I returned about an hour later to remove items from the trunk and then start the car. I tried to activate the tailgate with my remote to no avail. Then, I used the remote to unlock the doors. But, the unlock wasn't working properly and I could hear it making a sound, but not the usual unlock sound. I used the key to unlock the door and that worked. I then removed the items from my trunk and attempted to start the car. But, there was no activation of the instrument panel or the engine or the tailgate.
my car before three weeks didn't work and i changed the small battery and when i starting to operate my car READY word appear just for seconds then hided and the engine off and not starting.
When i test the car by the hybrid testing device the electrician told me to replace the hybrid battery.
I want to know if my hybrid battery still in the warranty time.
thanks very much.
Last couple months a couple times I had heat on and noticed cool air blowing out. Today heat went on then went cool pretty quickly and sporadically went back to heat. Dealer said coolant leading from radiator and to replace it including hoses is $1250. Thermostat is $600.
While driving the heater works only when the engine is running. What would cause this problem?
Put in key press brake turn key, and no ready light. Leave come back ready light comes on . no problem. This is after about 1 to 2 hours.
When I put the temperature at say 75, warm air comes out initially; but soon it only blows cool air. The dealer said that's the way it works.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse if it's cold outside but never gets better
How long have you had this problem? Years
I have to replace my 120 amp alternator fuse but is bolted inside the fuse box
How many more miles can I reasonably expect from the battery?
What maintenance is needed for my AWD hybrid Lexus SUV? At 106 k miles?
My schedule maintenance log shows at 60,000 miles to Replace engine oil & oil filter, reset reminder light, rotate tires, visually inspect brake pads & rotors & road test vehicles.

The additional maintenance required is if u drive on dirt or dusty roads. I do not.

Yet when I call shops to get estimates-they include the additional maintenance.
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