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Have changed icm in past from just not starting, now random stall at lights and signs. Have changed fuel filter, but have not drained gas, this started after filling up. Gas does not appear to have water. There are no codes being thrown.
Looking for possible problem before changing parts and hoping!
It was driving ok but was getting hot & then just died but has power.
If I clean the EGR valve and still has the error, what happens to the car if I continue to drive it without repairing it?
I am swapping a 1999 saturn sl 1.9l into 2000 same car but i need to know how long it normally would take a mechanic so i know how long to rent the tools for. Because the car is my only transportation after i get dropped off at the shop need to kinda estimate my time frame of having no car
The wires were cut
does the waterpump start to leak before going out
Running lights wont turn off
I purchased a 2001 Saturn sl manual transmission and it had the check engine light on so I took it to autozone for an OBDII and the codes came out to change the o2 sensor in the front so i do they tell me to drive 50 miles for it to go off but the problem only worsened in 5th gear it would shake very roughly and the next day the check engine light started blinking and the car would lag in first and second gear so I took it back to autozone the next day to do another reading and it gave us a laundry list of codes now the car lags going uphill and sometimes only goes about 30 to 40 mph can someone please help me
My girlfriend over filled my transmission fluid could that be the problem why it want move?
The car started shaking while i was at a complete stop then it shut off i started the car back up and it was idling rough and shaking. i drove it home but it was like i was running on 1 or 2 cylinders the service engine soon light came on and stayed on. What could be the problem.
How to change it
It only makes the noise sporadically it sounds like something may be loose but I don't see anything
It is my daughter's car. She told me her car won't start that there was a problem with her clutch. I told her that did not sound right that the clutch was basically the trani so why wouldn't the car start she said she has no idea but it just will not start. Any idea's. Also I do not know the model and she said it does not even state it on the registration so I just picked one so this would send
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