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how many quarts do i use
does nothing have changed starter and charged battery. the battery will be at full charge and when try to start battery dies.
I have a 1995 passport with very rusty and gunky gas tank. Am trying to clean it out, but it may be a lost cause. I have access to a 20000 passport. Will gas tank from it fit my '95?
My fuel gauage does not work. It always reads E & light flashes.. I was told by a shop I'd have to replace my fuel pump... About every 200 miles i automatically fill the tank. That lasts me at the most 3/4days. Could there possibly be another reason to why I'm is empying so quickly?
There is an occasional scent of gas when i am stopped to park. I am hearing a hiss coming from under the drivers side in the back of the car.
I cannot get the car to drive without pushing the winter button. Everytime we come to a stop or go under 20 miles an hour we have to stop and push it again
Something about a,b, c sensor
Shifter works without truck being on or holding brake. What are options of what this could be, and engine light comes on and off occasionally
Just recently started having these problems. No code lights are on
new fuel pump 30 days ago. Went to the store came out and the engine will turn over but will not start. The battery is fully charged.
I have no power and it's still burning gas like no other and I can't figure out what is wrong. While the truck is started it smells like gas please help
Been told it was the computer?? Noone in town has diagnostic equipment to find the problem.
Checked fuses they are OK and checked the bulb it's fine too I don't know what else to do
my Honda is stuck in park and was told it could be the fuse
after replacing head gaskets, went55 to zero
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