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Code p0748 stock on 2nd gear.
Girlfriend had the coolant light come up and she added a little bit of a general gas station brand coolant in. The light went away, and there have not been any troubles so far (it has been about 3 days).
I just got a new battery installed last week, ran completely fine for a week and didn't drive it for a few days. Now it will turn over and the engine sounds normal just like how it normally would, but it then just shuts down. Couldn't get it to go into neutral to push it out for a jump, but was finally able to get it jumped and it still is doing the same thing, absolutely no change. There were car thefts in my parking garage the night before I wasn't able to start it, is it possible it could have something to do with the anti-theft being set off?
Scanned with my OBD 2 and P0128 came up- Added coolant to changes. Any suggestions?
I was driving and it sounded as if I ran over something, but there was nothing in the street since then it seems to be handling rougher than usual and ideas? Thanks
This morning my 2016 C-300 Nav/DVD/radio is not working. Turns on and off but no sound. Seems like a computer issue?
I am unable to read any of the details of the multifunction display during daylight and have been unable to find reference too increasing the brightness of the display either on line or in my manual.
What to do?
and lock it with the remote
I replaced rear pads and then lights came on after I started down road. Rechecked back pads and everything seems fine.
Error message come on that parking light is not working. I removed the bulb and it look fine but does not light up
I cannot locate this information in the owner manual.
How often the problems occurs
Screen is black. Radio works. Pushed the circle button behind vol. still black

Mercedes 4matic C300
My pop up screen where I radio plays doesn't come on. Where my radio doesn't work at all. It might pop on later as I'm driving then my functions of my system works. I need to know what is the loud popping noise from my speaker when my radio doesn't come on? It's only displays the Mercedes Symbol only...
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