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I am unable to read any of the details of the multifunction display during daylight and have been unable to find reference too increasing the brightness of the display either on line or in my manual.

What to do?

and lock it with the remote

I replaced rear pads and then lights came on after I started down road. Rechecked back pads and everything seems fine.

Error message come on that parking light is not working. I removed the bulb and it look fine but does not light up

I cannot locate this information in the owner manual.

How often the problems occurs

Screen is black. Radio works. Pushed the circle button behind vol. still black

Mercedes 4matic C300

My pop up screen where I radio plays doesn't come on. Where my radio doesn't work at all. It might pop on later as I'm driving then my functions of my system works. I need to know what is the loud popping noise from my speaker when my radio doesn't come on? It's only displays the Mercedes Symbol only...

You disconect the computer and the disappear. Engine ligh remain on.

But next day car would not start. Any suggestions on what the problem is? I have checked all fuses and ok so that not it. Also checked battery ok just replaced it in March of this year. I'm lost

Is this a good car?

the other day i was driving my car when from anywhere the brake pedal gets really heavy to stop the car, it does not goes down to stop the car fast three hours later it was fine. We have been serve the car for a problem in the front suspension where they supposed to remove front rotors and brakes , i think is air in the lines, and want to know the symptoms of this kind of trouble.

The engine operates fine and the car still runs well.

A day before it didn't turn on I had to turn the key more than usual, and usually my car turns on right away when I put the key and turn it a little but today it just didn't turn on! What can it be?

my key doesn't always open on first try..battery light doesnt come on all the time car not making any noise or drive funny..lights inside are not dimmed..they dim on and off but its when the sky is getting dark

How much does it cost to replace the swirl flap linkage on a 2008 C300 Mercedes?

90,000 km. Vehicle is locked remotely and within seconds the trunk and doors locks open by themselves. This just started today. I disconnected positive battery terminal then reconnected but the malfunctioning locks still occurs.

The monitor display screen in my 2008 C300 Mercedes will come on for a few seconds, then goes completely black. Don't want to replace the entire unit, cost too much. Need to know if anyone has had this problem and know what to do.

Air wouldn't come on I checked the motor blower the squirrel cage feels really loose like the whole thing is loose just happened todsy

65,000 miles and can't start it anybody have or had this problem?

what happened will it turn on when driven in water up to half my tires

What is the current price per litre when you are driving 25000 Km per year?

A tire blowout took a chunk of a the rubber hose in the rear passenger wheel well, according to Mercedes tech I need to replace the gas tank? Is it safe to drive (I understood the hose has a reverse valve preventing leaks) should it not be simpler to replace the hose? The gas tank suffered no damage, any idea of cost or part replacement?

do I have to press the brake pedal for my car to start? Am I having problems with my key fob sending a start signal to the engine?