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Will not open or close by button or remote , but latches ok , fuse checked, also where is the motor that lifts and closes the rear tailgate please
I have a 2002 Mercedes CL 55 .I am having a problem with it starting up sometimes .If i leave it sitting for a day or more ,It has to be jumped off .it cranks right up once the jumper cables are attached . My battery has been check ,my alternator and starter both are putting out good power ? What could the problem be ?
Car will crank but not turn over
you can't see how to change radio station turn on the navigator system the screen is white /blank
I have a Mercdes Benz S350,W221. M272 Engine with misfiring fault code on one bank.
These are:
P0304 Misfiring Damage on Cylinder 4 TWC Damage
P0305 Misfiring Damage on cylinder 5 TWC damage
P0306 misfring damage on cylinder 6 TWC Dmage.
P0300 Multiple cylinder misfire.
I have swapped / exchanged the spark plugs, the coils, the injection nozzles and the Oxygen sensors.but the problem still remains
I observed that the Spark plugs of cylinder 4,5 and 6 are black with soot and the exhaust brings out black smoke occasionally and the engine vibrates seriously.
I want to find out if the any other thing i need to do, to solve this problem
The other lights in the dash all seem to work fine. I have checked the fuses but found nothing that would be the easy fix. When the sun is behind me I can see the display, but otherwise I can. The information is correct, I just cant see it.
Does the differential oil need replacement before the first regular service?
At what mileage does an AMG g63 need service?
This happen 2-3 times, and the second time of trying it started after the third time this happened, turn over and no start, no nothing
my dipstick keeps popping out and i hear bubbling sound after few miles of driving also engine has ticking noise people think its adiesel at times
I opened the trunk and something snapped and trunk light almost popped out. I can open the trunk all the way up. what needs to be repaired?
You can hear the air compressor working but it is not lifting up.
My car run and starts perfectly, but once I come to a complete stop like say go an eat or buy groceries then come back to my car to drive off and the car won’t start or crank won’t do anything. So after 10 min or so I put the key again and it starts like nothing. Could it be the starter is going out???
While driving my 2013 Mercedes ML350 my turn signals work while driving as I'm driving they stop working I have to stop put car in park turn off the car and turn it back on like I'm rebooting the system they work again only to turn off and not work again what is the problem and how much to get fixed?
My MB c300 4Matic Navigation/Screen is not working properly, not showing back camera and it is frozen some times, shows different info every time.
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