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Does this model have heated mirrors if so where is the switch?
I had my well maintained C300 4Matic with 197000 miles (well maintained).. sitting in the garage because I bought a new car and was planning to sell it. After a month- I turn it on and the CEL light is on. Code: p0300 It was in there with minimal gas and my roommate was turning my car on every few days to move it on the drive way and back so she could workout. She told me she never saw a light until I mentioned it. Could this be because the gas turned bad and is very low? I literally just got a B service done, oil change, and spark plugs/new tires right before I left it in the garage. Trying to sell this but need to figure this out first. Any thoughts?
I replaced the low beam bulb after system message that it was out.
checked all fuses, none blown.. nothing on drivers door works and the wipers will not come on. the passenger door window is the only one that works
My car is still running good
This is a 5 speed automatic transmission,first 4 gears mechanical with the 5th (OD) gear electronically engaged.Fluid is up and looks great.Tested for codes and have none.Tested micro switch in shift lever (a well known problem),tested good.Checked and cleaned all fuses and cleaned their fuse box contacts.Climbed underneath and did not find any hanging wires.
Engine fans runs constantly after about 15-20 mins of driving
First starts fine after using for awhile when I go to start again about 20 minutes later it fires but wont start (clicking sound for about 90 seconds) if left for 30 minuets then it will start up, why is this?
Changed the battery, car cranks now and radio works...but now power to the a/c or heater
I need brakes for my 2004 Mercedes E500 and a local shop quoted me $754 for the job. Thats the front pads and rotors. I don't know if this is a good deal or not. Any advice would be great
Someone hooked jumper cables up to it backwards and now my dash lights will not come on
engine light b side on a 2012 mercedes 300 4 matic what could be some problems t
My service engine light came on the right B side on my dashboard what are some of the problems a b side engine light details could it be something severe
I found animal chewed wires and repaired them. I replaced the crankshaft position sensor. I do not get a OBDII error code but car will not start and no spark.
Happens all the time
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