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gas gauge stop working. partian on back window stop working
soft top will not fully close.theres some sort of fluid on the trunk lid which is dripping down the back of the car.
The two window switches for driver and passenger windows are not working, but the back windows do work. Is this a fuse issue
There were no prior issues of the vehicle running loud nor slow acceleration prior to the starter being replaced.
E300 2017 sedan passenger and driver doors detent too weak, If door pushed open hard it springs back to close. Door detent not strong enough to keep the door in open position or in-between position without "springing" back unless the door is swing out slowly. If the car is parked on an incline, then it is worse. Dealer says that "spring" or detent "resistance" or "strength" is the correct factory design.
I have problem with my E500 2003, the key can not unlock the car from far distance, it only works when I am beside the car, Also the keyless go for dooe unlocking/locking is not working. Keyless go for start engine will work only if I put the key on the top of the ashtrey where the senser is lokated, and if I move the key 1cm the car will not detect the key.

Note: The key is working fine with the EIS, no issues, it turn/run the vehicle with no issues.
Wood trim loose in Mercedes 2011 e350 on driver door and over glove compartment. Do you know a repair company in MD or Northern VA?
I was driving when my car completely cut out I tried to restart it it wouldn't start I took it to the mechanic shop you can smell gas I was told it is my fuel pump it was replaced but was told it is a much bigger problem they have to go inside the fuel tank and the cost will be 3100 dollars.
Error code says throttle problem is at sensor near the gas pedal. Where is it located and how can I replace it?
It’s an 05 Mercedes ml 350 with over 240000
I have a 1996 Mercedes SL500 R129 convertible and the fuel light on the gauge stays on showing empty when there is plenty of fuel in the tank, about 5 months ago we installed a new genuine and correct fuel sender unit and the gauge worked correctly till now, have checked all the fuses and no problem there, the black lead to the top of sender unit has no power going to it and this was checked with the ignition turned on, how do i fix the dashboard fuel gague to have the lights go out and give the correct reading again ?
I have an intermittent problem with my 2008 Mercedes Benz S550 4Matic. I have purchased it about 6 month ago and the following problem occurred several times (twice in the winter and twice this spring):
When the car was left outside overnight it appeared to have a dead battery in the morning - the remote key would not open the door, the dashboard had no lights on and the clock on the dashboard has stopped. After I manualy opened the door with the key, inserted and turned the key fob in the ignition switch, the dashboard lights came on and the engine started up normally.
The higher the speed the more frequent.
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