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Hi I currently don’t have my manual to get the code for my radio . My radio just got reset and I don’t know the code by heart .

This is a 1997 Mercedes SL600 V 12 engine. The power steering ADS reservoir started pissing out oil from the small pin hole on the reservoir cap.. I shut the engine off and oil all over the engine now but the reservoir is full to the top. How do you bleed the ADS. There is some restriction causing this to overflow.
I took my car to a shop recently and the mechanic told me that water from melted snow had gotten into my computer's and completely fried them. What's capturing and unbelievable to me is, EVERYTHING STILL WORKS as far as I can see. The only problem I'm having is the same problem I've been having for months.... MY KEY WON'T TURN TO CRANK THE CAR. So now I'm curious as to see what are the symptoms of all of my computer's being fried, and would everything still work as it does?
I put the bulb in the brake light and it won't work and the bulb is good
Check engine light comes on dash lights up .made it home after about 6 die the morning car started up fine .running well with no lights on dash
I looked outside at my car last night and I noticed flashing lights I went outside to investigate and all the ambient lights were flashing and are still flashing. flashing with the car driving, flashing with the key on or off
I changed battery now need code to my '97 e320 vin#WDBJF55F8VA305131
Looking to change tires on my car
I was driving down the road after just tradeing for the 02 e320 awd he had a blow out on the way to trade put the spare on wich is a 215/65/16 and the rest are 215/55/16 was running great then i hit the gas to take off and my tractimg kept kicking in finally got it going hwy speed and about 2 hours into the drive home it start shaking then made a clunk noise and stoped pulling when you got to put it in park it's like it didn't have a drive shaft connected because it grinds into park but you can feel it go in but it will still roll around I was wondering if this could be t-case drive shaft trans or what ?
the car idles fine in park, when put in drive it skips, have changed spark plugs, new disturber cap and rotor, new spark plugs wires, have cleaned the idle control valve, and checked houses for wear and tear, all is fine. It just idles like it wants to cut off when in drive and reverse.About 6 months ago I put new fuel pump, and filter on and car has was fine, it was when after I replaced the distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, spark plugs wires about a month ago when all the problems started.
This light just came on 1 week ago. Should I also be checking my oil level manually? Oil was changed 2 months ago
How to replace smart key reasonably
Went to have AutoZone use their tool to check why the check engine light is on in my 1994 Mercedes-Benz e320, they didn't know where to plug in.
Girlfriend had the coolant light come up and she added a little bit of a general gas station brand coolant in. The light went away, and there have not been any troubles so far (it has been about 3 days).
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