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No light on the push start
My passenger wiper arm will not spray the solvent. Is there any way to repair it or should I replace the arm. The driver side sprays like normal.
The SES Light started blinking, and the idle was slightly rough. Dis a fuel injector cleaner and put non ethanol 93 fuel in. The light was still blinking and idle was still rough. Went to work for a 9hr shift, come out and now the engine acts like it wants to crank, but won't turn all the way over. Brand new battery, all the power works inside the vehicle. The radio has always had a mind of its own, it cuts off randomly and cuts back on when it feels Like it. The airbag light blinks all the time. I noticed a sort of burning smell when I drive it, I figured that was heater related issue or a tight belt, but it smells hot or burnt on the outside as well when I parked it. Could it be a bad coil pack, something slightly minor, or am I looking at a bigger problem?
What is it when my dome light, steering wheel, side mirrors and driver seat want work? my passenger seat works fine but I don't have any lights on the overhead
If I do not take the key out of the fob, it won't allow me to start the car. I have to put the key into the ignition.
I took my 2008 FX35 to Infiniti Of Tampa yesterday and my drivers seat was working just fine when I brought it in for an airbag recall for a (2nd) second time! When they finished and I got my car back the seat felt off track! What's up with that?? I complained immediately to the dealership and was told by the service manager named James said it was the motor going bad and then mentioned the teeth on the track...That is impossible to me! No way my vehicle goes in without an issue, they touched my vehicle and note it's messed up! My vehicle is garaged and rarely driven! I put 2000 miles on it in 7 months! I also researched and found (10) ten recalls on the FX35's. Anyone know anything about that?
cannot open the manual latch inside the car for the rear latch , it seems jammed. no response when the button on the rear hatch, the key FOB or the switch at the drivers knee panel is pushed. the switch for the rear hatch is in the on position also. any help would be greatly appreciated and also shared.
After I replaced mu water pump on my 2004 FX35, the car consumes a quart of oil each month. The mechanic had the car longer than he quoted because he had to wait for a timing chain part. Is there a relationship between the timing chain and water pump which would cause my car to burn oil? I have put cardboard under the car to detect a oil leak. The car does not leak oil. The tail pipe is coated with a black carbon material.

2011 Infiniti FX 35. Power steering fluid bubbling in resivior. Took to dealer they said leak in rack and pinion. Done and still bubbles. Normal or not.

Second is location of AC condensation drain tube. Getting water dripping over passenger side frame rail behind tire.
Car sat for awhile; needed to jump battery. When idling & press gas pedal will not go over 1500/2000 rpms
Gas indicator light on digital screen is not registering correctly.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I don't know what's wrong with it.
How long have you had this problem? 2 Days
When you put the gear on neutral and you ush the gaz will the rpm reach the top or there is a cut off that will stop the gaz?
seat will not slide back and forthh
This happens when I shut the car off makes a kind of "boing" noise
My FX35 is overheating when parked or in traffic. I've kept it running in my garage until it got to 3/4 hot and neither of the two fans came on.
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