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How many liters of NISSAN Matic J do i need to drain and refill an Infiniti fx35's transmission?
Hi, when I drive my FX35 2008 two-way drive towards a mountainous area, halfway up, I notice that the car stops changing the acceleration and attaches to the third acceleration. When I stops the car by the road for 20 to 30 minutes everything goes back to normal. Any kindfull help?
I have a 2008 Infiniti FX35 I just had my axle replaced but today as I looked I heard a sound like a popping noise and when I parked and got out I looked at the back tire in the top of the tire is leaning outward
My battery seemed to not stay charged so got a new battery and was driving fine then tried to pull in my drive wat car wouldn't accelerate in D only in R
It occurs if the car is hot or cold. It comes and go. I was told it was the alternator and a pulley that needs to be replaced. I had that done and the noise still exists.
Was driving on highway when steam/smoke came from under hood smelling like antifreeze-check engine light came on and engine started knocking-had car towed and was told there was a hole in the radiator by car repair shop. 2010 FX35
I have the SLIP, ABS, AWD, VDC OFF, AWD lights all on, i scanned the vehicle and it popped out ST ANG CIRC code and also FR LH ABS sensor code, so i replaced the ABS sensor on the driver's side with OEM sensor, but the AWD keeps flashing after i drove above 20 MPH, it keeps flashing then it illuminates, with all the lights i mentioned above also illuminated. I scanned the vehicle again and it's still pointing at the FR LH ABS Sensor, i scanned the AWD and it points at the ABS system, i'm tired of my car's modules blaming each other, i need a fix please. My mechanic said it could be the hub bearing, where the ABS sensor sits.
my 2004 Infiniti fx35 makes loud knocking noise when im driving and when its at idle , it also accelerates slow and dies by itself please help me .
headlights passanger side went out...all bulbs are good..fusses are good
2005 Infiniti fx35 with 151,000 miles.
Car keeps running hot. Replaced fan, and thermostat. Still running hot. I do not know what todo next.
Engine coolant hot, was boiling in radiator. What should I do next & what is the problem.
The car turns over like it wants to start but does not. Lights on the dashboard are on but not my key ring light, inside lights nor does my seat move like it usually does when I open the door. All exterior lights work
No light on the push start
My passenger wiper arm will not spray the solvent. Is there any way to repair it or should I replace the arm. The driver side sprays like normal.
The SES Light started blinking, and the idle was slightly rough. Dis a fuel injector cleaner and put non ethanol 93 fuel in. The light was still blinking and idle was still rough. Went to work for a 9hr shift, come out and now the engine acts like it wants to crank, but won't turn all the way over. Brand new battery, all the power works inside the vehicle. The radio has always had a mind of its own, it cuts off randomly and cuts back on when it feels Like it. The airbag light blinks all the time. I noticed a sort of burning smell when I drive it, I figured that was heater related issue or a tight belt, but it smells hot or burnt on the outside as well when I parked it. Could it be a bad coil pack, something slightly minor, or am I looking at a bigger problem?
What is it when my dome light, steering wheel, side mirrors and driver seat want work? my passenger seat works fine but I don't have any lights on the overhead
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