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This happens when I shut the car off makes a kind of "boing" noise

My FX35 is overheating when parked or in traffic. I've kept it running in my garage until it got to 3/4 hot and neither of the two fans came on.

My headlights come on even when they are switched off when starting the car

If I start the car it may work if it is working I can't turn the car off. If I do turn the car off & then right back on the radio won't come back on. Any suggestions or if anyone can relate please help

Had the airbag recall repaired yesterday, today had trouble starting engine, then warnings came on for VDC, Slip Guide and Service engine. Dealer says just a coincidence, but have to replace 3 cams for $1000.00. Am I being scammed? Asked for Regional rep contact...they say there is none.

due to code P0463 my 2003 Infinity FX35 will not pass the inspection EVAP System not ready

Would like to be able to plug in from android to stereo to play music

I was driving in the freeway just fine and my service light turned on whIle my engine roar with the rpm going at four not shifting. My car is drivable but can't shift

When I press the gas it hesitates a little runs rough for a bit then catches up and is fine until I stop again, and the process repeats. Did oil change, added fuel cleaner & a carb cleaner. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance :)

what do you think is wrong my car never made noise or showed me signs that anything was wrong now its hard to drive due to it being hard to turn its like its stuck or locked.

Car feels like brake is on. Serious loss of power. MPG down a third. HELP!! Is this just the difference between mile-high & ocean-low?

I got this car what a burned head gaskets.
So hade to make overhalling
And I started the engine and it was perfect.
A day after I hade a oil leak between the block from the front and the timming chain cover . So I hade to open it again and I tought I missed a spot to put Silicon on .
After removing I found out nothing is wrong .
I just can't find when is it leaking from .
How will I know .
I'm starting to think that I have a cracked block of a cracked timming cover .
And one can help???

That is it.

I tried to start my car, the dash board lights were on, but no sound at all, not even a cranking sound. The radio, windows and even the engine fan is working but the car won't start. When i turn the ignition on, only the fans spin but no cranking at all

After changing, coil, spark plugs, crackshaft sensor. the Idle is high .once i turn on car i will go up till 2.5 then get fixed on 1.1, then when i put drive it goers to 900, once AC is ON IDL goes to 1100 , therefore AC sometimes get disconnected very rarely due to the unstable IDLE. no one knows how to fix it. I changed 3 Throttle Bodies, the repair garage told me they are damaged we need to find another one ( all used) , is there any chance i can fix it ? The dealer here, Nissan asking 500 dollars just for check up and not to fixing.

I have to put it in park and restart it and it still feels like it wants to cut off especially when the AC is running

I always have breaks problem.I fix them every 5-6 months.What is the problem?

First the hose pop out and leak the transmission oil ,I drove it to 3 differents shop and each has said different thing.They change the filter and oil.

Car has 128k miles. In pretty good shape and I'm pretty sure the dealer is going to charge an arm and a leg for this to be done.

What would cause the car shake when you put on brakes even though you just replaced the rotors with new ones?

Horn? Fan?

The day we bought the car (used with 20K miles) the leather in both front seats was severely cracked; mostly along the sides where you control the seat position. It's like the leather pulled away from 'the plastic' and now has ripped further and further. It looks horrible!

Hi good morning,the radiator fan on the lights on the air condition on When you put the scanner it wont comunicate with the car I push start buttom and the starter don't do anything ,whats wrong,thank you

fumes. Ive seen many other owners complaining about this problem. I only have 49,000 miles on this car that i bought. What are my options