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I turn the key on in ignition and everything lights up and bells go off but I have no exterior lights and no horn and it won't turn over it don't start.2007 Buick Lucerne.CTX
After replacing my alternator my odometer changed from miles to kilometers and it is measuring my speed faster than I am driving. And my turn indicators are making a weird noise
My radio/xm/cd player is cycling through CD eject and CD load. There is no CD in the unit. This looping prevents the radio/xm capabilities from working. I’ve tried to load a CD - the drive won’t take it.

How do I get the system out of this CD error? Is the whole system broken?
Part of the time I have a clunk when car shifts in slow traffic. Could this be motor and transmission mounts??
Has shown numerous malfunctions and the starter will not turn over and gas gage shows empty when full but may start randomly but next time. When it starts the gas gage shows full.
While driving I hit a pot hole instantly "power to the engine is reduced" popped on dash. My steering locked and car stopped. I changed fuel pump, relays, clean the throttle body, checked fuses and it still crank and won't start
stopped motor immediately topped off oil now engine wont crank
all the time more when it gets warm out
Are the sensors for the tire pressure unique to the 2007 Buick Lucerne? If there is one bad sensor will that affect the whole system? Is there a way to identify which sensor is bad? Can after market sensors work if they are replaced? Do you have to get the dealer to recognize the new sensors in the TPS?
oil light goes off and on
New radiator new water pump no leaks
My 2010 buick lucerne has a high pitched noise (sounds like a faint hair dryer) coming from the vented battery in the back seat. Just bought the car, didn't notice the noise until the next day. Easy to ignore when the car is driving and the sound is drowned out from road noise but you can definitely hear it when the car is at a stop in or in idle. I figured out the humming is connected to the battery when I rolled up my window I could hear a difference in the noise so I traced the noise back to the battery under the back seat. I am wondering if maybe the vent hose needs replacing. The battery was installed just two years ago so I'm not sure if it could be in bad shape already.
I hear nothing when I shut the car off and don’t move restart it gage mover when I step on the gas dose you move while car is going
My brake lights are staying on so I need to find the brake switch
the car has to be reved up to go into 1st gear,also when I come to a stop it clunks when downshifting to 1st.after a while it drives ok until its parked a long time then same thing. every now and then during regular city driving it shifts a little hard,not very bad but noticeable.sometimes when I accelerate I hear a slight rattle.
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