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Can I put 255/35R18 94y in rear, and 225/40R18 on my 2007 328xi?
My remote control won’t unlock doors but the remote control battery is still good. I can only unlock the drivers side with the key that’s inside the remote control but all 3 other doors won’t unlock. Already unlocked doors in settings on the display. What can I do? Am I doing something wrong? It use to work fine but I got it serviced today i dont know if that messed it up.
Steering wheel lock but no start. Should I get my key reprogrammed or buy an ecm
check engine service light keeps coming on
when I open the car by remote the driver's mirror swings out to far.
Every time I startup the car, a red service light goes on. When I check the service, there is an image of a red oil can.
All brake lights are on all time!!!!
Left drivers outside mirror wont lock into correct open position and extends beyond. How do you reset or fix
New battery last nov2014. 60k miles. Has not been started in 3 days.
Brake lights work. Does that mean its the interlock solenoid instead of the brake light switch?
P2570 - (ASE)
Vehicle Speed Control, Idle Controls, and Auxiliary Inputs

DTC Description: Direct Ozone Reduction Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit High

End of Range - Circuit Higher Than Expected

2007 328xi has ABOUT 84XXXX
NOthing else is wrong.
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