BMW 328xi Questions

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Every time I startup the car, a red service light goes on. When I check the service, there is an image of a red oil can.
All brake lights are on all time!!!!
Left drivers outside mirror wont lock into correct open position and extends beyond. How do you reset or fix
New battery last nov2014. 60k miles. Has not been started in 3 days.
Brake lights work. Does that mean its the interlock solenoid instead of the brake light switch?
P2570 - (ASE)
Vehicle Speed Control, Idle Controls, and Auxiliary Inputs

DTC Description: Direct Ozone Reduction Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit High

End of Range - Circuit Higher Than Expected

2007 328xi has ABOUT 84XXXX
NOthing else is wrong.
I took it to BMW and they reset the CAS and the red steering wheel lock went off, but told me they recommended that I replace the whole steering column.
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