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Need to know what the starter relay look like and ware under. The kick panel on the right side .
Looking for starter relay ware is it and what it look like I know it on the passenger side. Is it white block under kick panel.
When i start the car i hear a click on right side of dash
1996 buick roadmaster limited edition when i try start the car it makes a clicking noise under passenger side of dash is it a relay .
Engine dies when idleing often.
the trunk is unjam
1992 buick Roadmaster when my car is in Park ac blows cold. But when im in drive it and i go over 40 or something like that it will start blowing heat or the vent. But if i go back into park and hit the econmey button the ac will blow cold
both sides now after driving keep pooping out so when I park I have to check and snap them back in?
how to get change oil light off?
The Windows won't work and when I get on the brakes the car shut off
The Windows don't work and when I get on the brakes the car shut off.
This occurs after idling for a while with AC on . I have to disconnect battery to reset. Gotta be a sensor that can be replaced or bypassed.
water pump removal and replacement, 95 buick roadmaster
alarm started after battery died and car jumped. Now seat belt light wont go off and buzzer is constant
Changed the sensor prpb permits shpuld i change. The throttle body
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