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The Windows won't work and when I get on the brakes the car shut off
The Windows don't work and when I get on the brakes the car shut off.
This occurs after idling for a while with AC on . I have to disconnect battery to reset. Gotta be a sensor that can be replaced or bypassed.
water pump removal and replacement, 95 buick roadmaster
alarm started after battery died and car jumped. Now seat belt light wont go off and buzzer is constant
Changed the sensor prpb permits shpuld i change. The throttle body
idles smooth and runs good after the hesitation
Are there air bags in front and back of the roadmaster to keep it level? The front of the car is too low and the back is too high
Blower motor not working has automatic temperature control
When attempting to keep the car running by pressing gas pedal it dies also. You have to gradually give gas to keep car running. Once the car warms up, cranks fine
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