Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Questions

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Car has delay to start when key is turned on and will not shift out of second gear.
Car running ruff starring seems out or hard turning
After replacing the battery car has no power and won't start
lost my key for 1999 clk 430 what do i do where do i get nta replacemet
after trans warms up it appears to be slipping. turn off ignition trans starts to operate again
I need a new key and a new modular. I cant afford to take it to the dealer.
The car won't let me turn the key at all.
The serpentine belt came off of it till the battery died replaced crankshaft positioning sensor no spark replace the battery doesn't start wondering if the computer is locked because the battery went dead
I took the fuse out and put it back in, and nothing looks wrong with it
power to the crappy light unit, I have replaced the bulbs, headlights work.
ed shut off, had to have it towed
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