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after trans warms up it appears to be slipping. turn off ignition trans starts to operate again

I need a new key and a new modular. I cant afford to take it to the dealer.

The car won't let me turn the key at all.

The serpentine belt came off of it till the battery died replaced crankshaft positioning sensor no spark replace the battery doesn't start wondering if the computer is locked because the battery went dead

I took the fuse out and put it back in, and nothing looks wrong with it

power to the crappy light unit, I have replaced the bulbs, headlights work.

ed shut off, had to have it towed

My 2000 CLK 430 presents two issues that might be connected, both having to do with dashboard check lights. The SRS hardly ever comes out in the check control before all lights turn off. On the other hand the Check Engine light often stays on (not always) for a while and when it does performance usually drops (but not always), especially in connection with my pushing down the throttle harder than normal. Can you help? Thanks very much, James.

It's 1 malfunction I don't want it

When I give it more gas it will sort of lessen . I have gotten an alignment done. Stock tires and replaced the rear wheel differncial got replaced. I heard it could be the arm controls, the bushing, and rotors. I don't know what it is but I really need some answers so I can get it fixed.

but my faceplate on that side is missing so I can't tell what is lighted up. It will shift out of park if I depress a tiny button on the console with a small screw driver. This problem just started, I took it on a long drive, parked it, then when I wanted to return it would not come out of park.

My Mercedes Benz is automatic an it won't shift gears it's stays in first gear an ills up an won't change out the oil an transmission leaked out of it when I had it sitting down for awhile after finding out my alternator went out I replace it an the car starts up jus find fully powered but I can't drive over 20-30 mph because it won't shift gears what could be my problem??

a series of steps were : if I left the lights on for just about 3 to 5 minutes, the car it will not start . it needs jumper then the soft top stop working the switch it is no longer illuminated, last the alarm lights does not come on (flashing)finally the BAS and ESP lights are stedy on

I suspect that a hydraulic line might be leaking in the soft top lid as oil drips out the bottom of the lid when it is raised. Is this a common occurance? Where is the hydraulic pump and/or resevoir located?

The remote key works but the door locks will not open, nor the truck or horn or lights. No display on control panel works. Nothing works. What could be the problem.

ignition switch is locked and lights do not work

My heat just stopped Working. All it blows is cold air now, what could be wrong?

After a wait today it started right up . fuel filter just replaced. Fuel pump going?

I try to pass a slower car and instead of my car dropping down in2 a lower gear and launching itself and start pulling, it stalls as if it's shutting down and then it starts pulling but then if I punch it a little more it does it everytime I punch the gas... But it never stalls when I just push the gas peddle down at a even push instead of punching it to the floor... What could be the problem.. I hope not transmission problems already I just bought it a month ago frm a friend and i still have put the peddle to the floor yet. Can someone help me?