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THe Engine Symbol light is not on but the written code "check engine soon" is on. What could be the problem?
I have a problem with my 2001 325xi BMW when I put my key in and twist only my radio comes on and I have to take it out and sit in the car with my key on my lap for 5 minutes then it will start I have to do that every time and when I am driving it will randomly go into limp mode please help
Bmw 325xi 2002
Two times now, I have come out to find the windows, including sunroof, completely open on their own. I know I'm not leaving them open but sometime through the night they're opening on their own .what could be causing this?
it sounds like the engine is working way too hard but it isn't constant or consistent.
it runs great and does not seem to have any problems except perhaps a computer glitch?
Both occurred within one week of each other.
When I put my car in drive and get ready to pull off it stalls like it doesn't want to go, ??
New Rear Brake light replaced and blows
Front end radiator messed up smashed in
Acts like out of gas turns over but wont start getting power to fuel pump
Acts like out of gas turns over but wont start getting power to fuel pump
Small leak varies from time size to a quarter.
I bought this 2002 325i and would like to know what the M/S +/- near the drive on the gear shifter stand for
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