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antifreeze level correct
pipes from engine to bulkhead are hot
blowers change from feet to windscreen fine
temperature cold no later what the temp setting
About two days ago I was coming home from a trip, about a two hour drive. My cruise control light started flashing and has not stopped. No other lights have come on and the car has not overheated and all fluids are filled and maintained. Has anyone else had this issue?
There is no dip stick, how do I check the tranny fluid and/or add some?
I have dual control heat/cooling. Lately my outback has not been blowing warm or hot air. Sometimes it will, but then it will almost instantly loose all warmth. Then it will blow warmer/hot air? What would be the cause for the inconsistency with holding a steady temp on both side of the dual thermostat in my car. Have noticed a bit of a squeaking in my belts, but that dissipates in seconds.

Hi! Changed from winter to summer tires. Got an Info light on ...oil engine pic on...eyesight pic on and another pic on. Oil is fine by the way. Should I take to the dealer or will it work itself out.
Cold start no problem. Changed fuel filter no change 1999 subaru outback
On my 2006 Outback the motor cranks over twice and then stops, after a few tries it cranks normally. The battery is fine and the alternator is new
I started my car on a 11 degree day, the engine made a winning noise so I shut it off. When I restarted the car the engine light came on and I tried the gas cap trick but engine light is still on. Car runs fine, can't find any leaks. Had knock sensor replaced a month before light went on, maybe a defected knock sensor? Been driving car for 4 month with light on and no visible signs of trouble?
Cost to replace a lowbeam headlamp
I just bought a new to me 2011 Outback (2.5i m/t) and am learning all the idiosyncrasies of this car. I noticed that the coolant light illuminates and shuts off when at temp. What throws me is that it's blue, I would think it should be red if it's too hot. Maybe it is and I just don't know. Anyone have input on this? I realize this may be a "duh" question but you don't know what you don't know.
Knocking sound metal rubbing. Thought it was mY struts or shocks but was told it was my bushings on drivers side. Is it safe to drive till I can afford $2700.00 to fix it?
The bumper hit hard enough that the rail and bumper piece are now stuck together. My question is, is this frame damage, or is this rail different than the frame? I know it's not as safe as it was before. The body shop tells me it's not a driveability issue--it's completely driveable, but they were saying they wouldn't know what would happen if that car got rear ended again. Can anyone help me figure this out?

I know this is a body work question, not so much mechanical, but figured someone might have an answer. Thank you ever so much.
i have a Subaru 2005 outback 2.5 I sport light is flashing when on the highway 250,000km in town slow speeds it stay off
My oil temp is coming on ! It’s saying at oil temp. But when I try to start my car it will not stay started
Car dealership manager said the wheels do not turn in the screen while backing up. My F-150, and infinity do...These are the green bars in the screen. There are also orange bars and red bars noted as hitting when you back up in the screen.

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