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The car does not start all of the time. The battery is new.

2017 Outback, driven it twice & noted passenger airbag off light stays on while driving with no passenger. Is this normal?

replace rear brakes and pads

Is there a reason for brake fluid changes at such short durations?

2004 Outback Limited, purchased used in 2014 w/107,000 miles, currently with 134,588. A/C clutch started to fail, Fall of 2015, and eventually froze. Replaced A/C compressor unit with a Used unit, Spring 2016.

What has been done: 1) Used a/c compressor unit installed. 2) Full evac of a/c system. 3) Leak test - passed (-25 atm held for 45 mins) 4) Refill with coolant using 2oz red dye, 3oz oil & 17oz R134a.

System runs smoothly, clutch engaging, cold air blowing for the first 15-40 minutes at idle, then it goes warm. If I turn a/c off for a few minutes and turn back on, will blow cold again for about 1 minute. This was happening when the outside air temp was in the 60's, below 80's (not sure if it's relevant?). When the outside air temp was 89degrees and the car was up to temp, a/c wouldn't blow, clutch wouldn't engage. I've swapped A/C and Blower relays, same results. I installed new A/C Expansion Valve and A/C Receiver Drier too. Clutch @.27mm -.3mm

Is there some kind of a/c temp/thermistor sensor that I missed? Ready to pull my hair out!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated - Mel

Rear parking lights and drivers front parking light won't turn off unless battery is unhooked. Drains the battery

We found in it but i never had alarm just regualr key what do we do

Kinda putters when I first start it also,and when I go in reverse.

Vehicle had water pump replaced at 97,000. Head gaskets at 117,000 and now at 171,000 we have had three thermostats replaced. Good coolant flow with thermostat removed, pump has been checked, radiator has been flushed and checked with pyrometer?

Key fob has a dead battery and need to open the doors and start car to get home from work

how much is transmission or to change bands in it

Over 15 mph, my 2000 OBW has a sound that increases with speed. it's a rythmic grumble in the left side. I can feel it vibrating under my feet, that gets louder and faster as I drive along. What is causing the sound?

Mechanic told me the front heat shield was going bad. Is there such a thing?
I hear a vibrating noise on acceleration. The mechanic checked the entire car out and said that it was the front heat shield going bad. I'm reading that it could be the torque converter which is a recall issue. Did the tech miss this? Is there a heat shield?

Only upon startup, and this doesn't happen every time. I go to start my car and notice the rpm will go up to 2000 - sometimes even as high as 3000 and back way down. And then it will teeter-totter up and down again, it will chug, the headlights flicker and it sounds like the engine is going to cut out completely. It feels as if it almost starts too fast and not 100%. It will shake while doing this and then it will settle out after a minute and run normal. This only happens upon startup and we have noticed it happens more frequently after the car has been running all day / is warmed up, as this doesn't tend to happen when we barely run the car or upon the first start up of the day. Sometimes it will start normal, other times it starts weird. We have checked the air lines and haven't noticed any sign of a hole or malfunction. We regularly take it for oil changes and keep up on maintenance as it has 201000 miles on it and is our daily driver.. What could it be??

This happened as I pulled onto a busy street from a parking lot. The car lost acceleration, stalled and stranded me in a turn lane. I fired it up...started but no response from gas pedal. Turned car off for about 2 minutes, recovered accelerator response and moved car back into parking lot. Let car sit for a moment, started again but check engine light on and cruise light flashing. Saw a post from someone else on this forum about resetting cruise control circuit. Tried it and it worked after a couple tries. Both check engine light and cruise are off now. Safe to drive or do I have a more serious problem? Car seems to be running ok now. Suggestions?

I think it clicks one time but won't trun over or start.... but the lights work.

Nothing on the floor, fill cap dry and on tight. Haven't run over anything.

ABS, Brake and traction control lights are illuminated and function impaired until weather dries out and warms up?

is there a main fuse or breaker that could have blown?

I was told the engine has to be replaced, it looks like it spun a rod bearing

I took as much as possible out with a syringe and added more oil. will the car be OK?

While driving,everything fine then suddenly and without prior problems, lost power. Pulled over checked under the hood. No smoking, no leaking of anything and serpentine belt was fine. Replaced radiator two months ago. Had one head gasket seal replaced year and a half ago. It could be a number of things since we haven"t done a whole lot of major maintenance on the vehicle.Original tranny fluid too. It has regular oil changes and is in great condition considering her age.

It came on same time the car overheated. Car towed an new radiator install. Light was off when I picked up car, 10 miles and lights came back on. Not sure why happend at the same time bu a separate problem fixed now? Heard it may be a sensor or catalytic converter.

A couple years ago my button to release the gas cap opening stopped working and I have had to use my car keys to open this. There have been times when it does pop open but this is very rare. Why would this be happening?

My tire light comes on now and again. The first time this happened it was obvious that one of my tires was low on air. But lately this tire late has been coming on and all 4 tires have the perfect amount of air pressure in them. Why is this?

Sometimes when I make a sharp turn my car makes this loud clunking sound. This also can happens at times when I brake. It doesn't happen all the time. Doesn't seem to make a difference what the weather is either.

The electrical seat adjuster was jammed for the first time this morning on the right side on the passenger side.

Hello fellow vehicle friends i have a subaru outback wagon manual im putting the tranny back in. But i can't remember if the shift linkage had a spring or a bolt or what just curious if anyone had some answers?

My car clicks like it is full and it only has $1.75 and it clicks at least 10 more times until it is full.

My Outback overheats after driving for a few minutes. I have changed the thermostat and radiator cap and it still does it. It can idle for an hour, and not overheat, but drive it for 5 or 6 miles and it jumps to hot!