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When we try to start it, it does nothing we were told it was the starter so we changed it two weeks ago and it’s still doing the same thing
We were told it was the starter so we changed it two weeks ago and it’s still does not want to start and now I can’t turn on my brights my radio I can turn on and it cuts in and out the Volume goes down you cant hear it and now it’s happened about three times thhe security light came on and stayed on and when I tried to start it it does nothing finely I got it to start 30 mins later after trying everything
It stalled 3 time going back to my house and in then ran at a very low rpm and won't move up it's own power, but after this is cranked for 4 or 5 seconds and started hasnt ever not started, 2 hour later I drove it and it started great and drove good. I have replaced the camshaft position sensor and I then it is the fuel filter/pump
I have a new battery but it won't turn over
Its the factory stereo/cassette. The power comes on, and nothing else. The cassette will only eject, the power antenna will not engage.
Blower motor not working motor ok fuse ok.
We believed it to be the catilac Converter causing it to stall and die randomly while driving but after further investigation we are unsure what the issue is, we've checked the starter , alternator, battery,Cadillac converter and all fuses. I believe it may possibly be the ignition control module but not sure and have no idea where it is or how to fix it ? Is it in the dash or w coil packs? Please help me!
My car shuts off when I put it in drive it can be reeved up and has no problem driving in reverse but as soon as I put it in drive it shuts off. I have replaced both the air and fuel filters but nothing has changed.
Had to limp it home at 10-15mph. It acted like it was WAY out of alignment & if I got it over 15mph it sounded like my tread had come off my tire & was periodically slapping the ground
stalls erradictly
whats the cheapest route can i make my own bypass modul or remove the whole vatts system
Causing it?
I changed the wiring harness at the steering column with a new one and still no light blinking replaced the bulbs as well
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