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repair shop says there is no replacement part for fuel regulator
not staying charged
I went to go get my 2000 Mazda B 2500 smog it failed because check engine light didn't come on I replace the bulb it still does not come on can anyone help me out
Check engine light came on they check it at Advance and they said it reads code a speed sensor
First time trying to change license plate light and tail lights are out now and dash lamps?
How long have you had this problem? T
Ticking is coming from engine, it runs but a little rough.
how would I repair the p1506 code?
Truck will not start. Changed filet and no fuel to engine.
A meter on the new battery says FAULT.
I assume there is a short
It's stay on
I now have to decide whether to fix the timing belt in order to see if the engine is viable. Advice?
where is fuse for bright lights
Turns over but no start,changed filter ,still nothing doing it my self 3rd time ever help I beg of you
The a/c is cold but very little air is flowing from the vents.
Engine light throwing a code for lean. Replaced the fuel pump 6 months ago, and a coil (due to misfire) 2 months ago. Have the TPS, but haven't installed it. Loud rattle on the exhaust. Think that's just a problem with looseness.
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