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It comes on periodically upside down lightbulb with lines like light coming from it green

Need to glue it back

I had a Mechanic reset the 2 lights on the dashboard, drove about a mile and lights came on again. What do I check Next???

It started a week ago . It has done it three times so far.

My electric door lock will not lock. I even have to manually lock it first, then hold onto the door handle when closing the door to get the door to lock. The key will not lock the door from the outside (weird). Any ideas as to how much I will need to put aside per week for how many weeks before selling the car, because except for this problem everything else is fine. My insurance company said, however, because of the age of the car, that if I was in a wreck, it would cost me a bundle to get the car fixed because parts are just not made for 11 y.o. cars. Its a beaut though at 31K miles.

Manually I can not unlock the door. I can't get in my car at all

The small "box" to the left of the gear shift won't allow me to shift.

The radio won't work

I have a PCS "beep" every few seconds, how do I clear this without going to the dealer?

I bought my car it needed a battery and a starter so that was put in. Now my mechanic say it will start but I need to have it reprogrammed. How much will that cost. And where can I get it done

He put stop leak in & dye. When i brought back he said only thing he saw was leak from sensor& he put tape around it. Worse& fluid seems to leak when i drive it & when it just sets there.I want to make sure it is rack&pinion bc uts exspensive

When I lock the doors with remote/ alarm , my car does not automatically lock all doors, I have to manually lock the driver side for it to lock close with the alarm. What may be causing the issue?

replaced my car battery and the positive battery terminal, car starts but i have no exterior lights and my car wont shift out of park

Why is there a whining noise when engine is idling & gets worse when I accelerate

I just replaced my battery serpentine belt and the power steering belt and now it starts but when I go to drive it it stalls. And the light that detects the temp outside doesn't work too now.

I need to change the thermostat on this car because it is overheating

I need to replace the thermostat on the car because it is overheating.

seems to be passenger side only

Every time I hit the brakes the dash goes dim and the reverse symbol on the dash lights up

my vehicle jerks intermittently when on speed after covering about 25-30 km

Nav worked yesterday. Had service oil change tires rotation, ect. Now nav will not start, when i press 'i agree' i get message 'cold for disk'

Works for awhile 30 minute, then stops. The next day it works.

Do you know what would make this happen

Nothing was dropped. Nothing flew off a truck or another vehicle. Driving very slowly in rush hour traffic. Has anyone else experienced this? Is so, how has Lexus responded? And what was the repair cost?

I replaced knox sensors, sprark plugs, gas cap,thermast, diagrapham and still have a check engine light come on. Why? Also over drive sometimes works and othertimes it does not engage. Why

the air bag light is on in my 2007 lexus es 350 and the horn won't work.

Leveling sensor not working on one Bumpy ride. Terrible bumpy ride, leveler
will not level vehicle.

Traced the wiring all the way back and everything is ok. I removed the new speed sensor and found a socket that fit over the gear at the bottom of the sensor and turned it with an electric wrench and the speedometer started working. What could be the problem when I place back into the transaxle it still will not work. Could I have the wrong sensor were the gear is matching.

after hesitating then jerks before regaining speed with stinking gas smell--might run normally for a couple days

I was driving and car shut down