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I want the steering wheel to stay in one position of no movement when key is inserted in the ignition.
the dealer price is $208.00 to replace fluid...does that make sense ?
I'm getting a p2111 code. Says the throttle actuator stuck open but I look at my valve plate and it's in the resting position.
My car will start sometimes but it will only stay on for 20 seconds and then it will shut down I thought it could be the computer I change the crankshaft sensors and a camshaft sensor they all new my car is a Lexus LS400 in 1996
2011 Lexus IS 250
A few days now windows are getting stuck open half way etc. have to use the other window controls drivers only works when it wants and window lock worked initially now won’t engage. I contacted the place I bought it from and they sent me a new one. The same thing happened with the new one within a few days including the window lock. It will work perfect at first.
Power button on my 2005 RX330 or Key fob works fine, just sometimes it will not stay up, goes to top than you hear beeping and gate motor working to pull the lift gate right back down, no one pressed anything. This has happen before when my RX was still under extended warrantee. Lexus repaired it, they replaced the rear gate motor. I also believe they replaced the power gate struts. some where in 2008. What is the best way to trouble shoot, and repair? If you lift the gate it will stay up as long you bring it up to the top.
What repairs to expect for repairs when buying a used Lexus 350 with 105 thousand km
My heater suddenly started blowing cold air, I turned up the temperature and it was ok for a while then it went cold again. I have just recently had the car resprayed could the sensor be dirty?
My 131,000 mile Lexus GS 350 (3.5L V6) is losing oil. First noticed this summer in NC. Brought car to Toyota dealer, was down about 2 qts. Checked it in about 1,000 miles and was losing more. Drove 2 1/2 hours to Lexus dealer. They put car on lift and showed me that they could not see an oil leek. Did full oil change (told me the Lexus dealership had used synthetic oil, not regular oil as needed, just before I went to NC). Seemed ok when I checked it at 500, and then 900 miles. Now was way down again. There is NO oil leak in my garage. I do not see blue smoke. What should I do next?
Do I need a water pump? The water pump I have is not leaking. There is a slightly deductible whirling noise which I️ am told is the water pump. I was told That there is give in the pulley and that the pump is worn and can go at any time. Sound reasonable or not?
car won't go into high gear. 3600rpm at 65 mph. overdrive button on shifter doesn't engage the overdrive
When the ac come up. It blow warm air
burning smell and also a whining associated with acceleration. No visual smoke. drive belt looks good
i push the menu button for navigation and answer calls change radio to cd it stopped working my addresses doesn't come up or my i phone
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