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It just turn over want start after replacing the fan assembly
rattling when i hit bumps or rough roads mechanic said i need cam bolt and toe arm how much are these usually/
Heats not working climate,plus audio not working

I am using Lexus GS300 2001 model and having some problem. especially in the morning once start the car and change gear to D (Drive) it's not moving only after pushing accelerator strongly its start moving, same time RPM go very high and the engine check signal also showing for some time) but at the same time if I did reverse gear its work smoothly. Please note not only in the morning but also after a long break like after 5 or 6 hours also same thing happening. I have visited many mechanics everyone saying different issue can anyone please suggest me the solution and reason for this problem.
thank you so much
I recently bought a 1998 Lexus GS 300 that have been parked for almost 3 year and its immobiliser and the complete ignition are all gone missing from previous technicians i suppose,also red light keeps blinking. So please I need a clear image of how my 1998 Lexus GS 300 immobiliser and ignition and key fob looks like so that I can get an exact replace and begin to enjoy my ride.
Got vehicle used replaced battery going down road and it just stopped. No noises. Towed in turning over very slowly and won't crank
Shaking between 45 to 80 miles per hour
At times would loose power & the throttle will go up and down while driving power will go down then pedal to floor then power kicks back in but not right away
made alarge pop the other day and radio was off next morning my battery was dead
During Light acceleration pedal, floor , seat vibrates
While the vehicle was left sitting in my driveway after recent use, I returned about an hour later to remove items from the trunk and then start the car. I tried to activate the tailgate with my remote to no avail. Then, I used the remote to unlock the doors. But, the unlock wasn't working properly and I could hear it making a sound, but not the usual unlock sound. I used the key to unlock the door and that worked. I then removed the items from my trunk and attempted to start the car. But, there was no activation of the instrument panel or the engine or the tailgate.
I’ve checked the fuse and the relay they look good
My Lexus RX 350 2009 started Thursday morning no problem then I turned it off to get truck out of parking spot.l went to put car in spot and it would not start it would just make a grinding sound when I turn the key
I have to get a new hybrid pack, the car still runs, when I turn on the heater/ air system the heater/ air system goes off, is that because of the hybrid pack?
I have parked cars outside overnight during normal weather conditions and have not faced any starting probs.

Does cold weather conditions affect battery of hybrid cars?
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