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Radiator blew up. Had it replaced. And now it wont start unless i flood it. But it kills the battery trying to get to start
I can put it in reverse and it will drive backwards. It won't go in any other gears.
I have a Isuzu diagnostic interface pin out chart for the Isuzu's OBD2 port. It has a pin in the #2,4,5,9 and 16 slots. Going by the chart it shows that this is a J1850-VPW interface. The chart also describes the #9 slot function as ECM/TCM (GM8192 Protocol). Isn't that a ALDL Protocol and does that mean I need to use something more than just the OBD-II port male connector, or is that something a OBD-II scanner can pick up by itself? I am kind of new to OBD Scanners so I'm not sure what is what, or what will work.
I have been looking for a OBD2 Scan Tool for my Isuzu. Every time I find one that says it will work with all 1996 and newer vehicles and then do a product to vehicle check it says it does NOT work with my truck. It has a 2.2L 2180CC l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated Engine in it and it does have an OBD2 Port with pins in the number 2,4,5,9 and 16 slots.
When this happens, the dash lights go out but the headlights still work and the motor will crank over but not start? I have pushed/pulled wires in the steering column and played with switches. Nothing seems to work except let it sit after that and it will start. Relay getting too hot? Where would this relay be that controls the dash and power to ignition only?
Thank you
Having trouble finding where the starter to this vehicle
there are three lines connect to fuel pump.
i disconnected all three but which one is the fuel pick up line? I'm concerned that one of the lines "if connected to tank" could push the bad fuel back into tank!
i just need to turn the key pump fresh gas into system like a flush but into bucket. I'm at a loss please help.
just installed new ac compressor, dryer, and orfice tube, noise coming from the area of the in line muffler
Le hice cambio de ecite y filtro y ahora no le entra la tercera velocidad
I'll start it and seems ok I'm park but a few seconds after putting it in drive it will die. every time doesn't make it more than ten feet. All possibilities and sugestions would be great.
The clutch pedal shaft is floating on left end of shaft so the clutch master cylinder does not engage. Looks like a guide or bushing has come apart.
It cranks but slow and the battery (+) cable gets hot
what would be the problem?
engine revs when in neutral but while driving has no power
How to remove the string arm and bushings
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