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the cruise controller quite working and I thought checking the fuse would be a good start but I don't know where the fuse is. It's a 2007 but says it's the same.
Intermittently happening, feels like air in the brakes
Tires are low. Need correct psi for a Dodge Nitro 2010. I do not have a manuel.
When I turn right blinker on, inside dome lights go on. When I turn my headlight on, all my panel lights go off, I can;t see how fast I'm driving.

Gate ajar light wont turn off, and it is shut!
2011 dodge nitro
Had to replace gas cap and then a new fuel pump. Still has the same issues. It says I have no gas. Had to take back to dealership and they said my car is fine but it is not
I replaced blower motor resister, it still doesn’t work. What else could it be or is it the blower motor itself
A/C is blowing out air but its not cold, I did check to see if it was low in freon but its full
esp bas light comes on once in a while especially when i signal to the left and going over a bump sometimes dealer replaced abs module but now there saying it can be the tipim is that possible and i also have a low idle problem idling at 500 rpm instead of 1000
Everyday morning I need to add antifreeze to the radiator. I took the car to the mechanic and he didn’t find any leaking.But the smoke from the muffler is white and sticky he believe is the gaskets from the culatas and cost $1400 .The temperature is normal no overheating and I would like to know if the mechanic is right because is a lot money
Not sure of the problem... Had filter and fluid changed but no luck,still doing it
I have a 2011 Dodge Nitro. Over the last two months my ETC light will periodically come on. No engine lag, sputtering or anything like that. Each time I start the car from being off it isn’t on. Then I’ll drive for a bit and the engine will heat up to between the quarter and halfway mark on the temp gauge then the temp gauge will slowly drop down all the way to cold. As soon as the temp gauge comes all the way down the ETC light will come on. Again no stuttering or stalling from the engine, just the light. The check engine light comes on but the only code that it’s throwing is for low coolant/ thermostat reading error. I’ve checked and the coolant level is good, and I just changed the thermostat 7-8 months ago. Any help will be appreciated.
Instrument panel doesn’t work either
Bought a 2008 Dodge Nitro that has no obvious issues except when I attempt to put gas in it. The nozzle at the gas station keeps shutting off when I try to fill it. After putting in 4 gallons the gauge reads that it is half full, I know this cant be right. What is wrong with it?
Can you change the filter in a transmission on a 2008 Dodge Nitro
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