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Its been running great until this morning. The motor really shakes and check engine light came on. Don’t know if it’s a vacuum leak or what.
do I need to replace the entire wiring harness or just the terminal connector?
Changed out the alternator in my 2004 Acura TSX and now the navigation screen has an error message that says "please check disk". No longer able to manipulate AC or radio or anything else from the screen !!!
Before trying to start headlight started blinking then go out even with a jump still won’t start just clicking is it the battery
My engine rattles when starting and excelerating. This has gotten worse and now the car doesnt start at all. But the rattle is even louder now. What is the problem?
2007 tsx with 65000km
replaced Bank 1 sensor 2 and light came back on
My car turn on the anti-theft sistem everytime the outside temperature its to cold. Why? And what can i do?
As I was slowing down for a red light my car's rpm's jumped from 1k to 0 then back to 2k. My car soon after began to shake slightly violently. Sputtering almost. My car loses power while accelerating. Putting the car in P it doesn't do any shaking or sputtering as bad as when I put the car in D.
Have a defective nav unit, don't use it but would like to have manuel ac controls
First of all my car won't crank and I know it my starter, so I did replace the startet put everything back. Then try to started it and it crank, but it took a very long time to start. I have to step on the gas pedal in order to start the engine. After that check engine light on. Finf out it my crank sensor, so I did replace with the new one. But now it did the same thing, the engine not running smooth and the rpm it not stable. What it the problem can anyone help me please.
Change starter six months ago change alternator and belt Saturday change battery today clean cables check charging system light comes on and off when I stop and take Hard turns
I replaced my drive side tail light,because it was out..but yet the drive tail light doesn't turn on.
should i flush it all? or partially?..tks for your help
i need to know how many quarts are in the case,and also if i should use synthetic..tks
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