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When traveling longer distances (60-200 miles) the heat just powers of and I have to keep turning it on. No unusual noises are heard at the time it does this. I brought it to the dealership and the guy said to make sure I didn't have the auto button on the first time, now this time he told me he had to clean my battery cables and said I don't drive enough and maybe the battery is power down to much, I've owned several vehicles and never heard of that. I put about 50 miles and week on my vehicle. Just wanting to see if there is something else wrong or if you had similar problems, I think the mechanic is trying to dollar me to death. This is a 2015 Taurus SHO.
I myself thought it was the switch going out
in dash door ajar light is lit and when i open the doors the interior light will not come on but after i turn car off and lock doors 10 minutes later interior light and outter mirror lights come on and stay on
Check engine light on
the engine will not hold water and the oil looks milky
With the cold weather recently my car is having issues wanting to start and stay on. When I start my 05 Ford Taurus up right away the Rpm jumps up high and the engine roars. After started the Rpm will move up and down. In cold weather front of car will shake. When trying to warm it up sometimes it will die.
It clicks, but won't turn over.
Gauges continue to click and jump even after ignition is turned off (and key removed)
Battery may be low (but I have it on a charger)
Starter Relay (fuse)?
Was driving along one day under normal conditions.... my front Defroster started blowing hot air all of a sudden. I am not able to use any functions (radio, a/c, seat heaters/coolers) on the center console itself. I am able to control radio features using the controls on the steering wheel. Any thoughts/recommendations?
It just happened to me it never did before but my key won’t turn in the ignition my wheel is moving but my key won’t turn there is no noise
has happened in really cold weather. engine cranks but wont start. when it gets warmer outside it will sometimes start
Fuel pump quit working
My car dies when I stop or slow down after it's been driven /gets hot, but the temp gauge is at normal. Nothing seems to be overheating. It did not start without making a rough noise or it made a little scream, that happened twice on trying to restart. I've had my car die and restart to move it till it died again at a light. 3 different times.
After I let the car sit for a bit and or had it pushed off the road it will start.
When you apply the breaks to stop the abs is activated witch you hear the pulsing and the break peddle go down a bit
My turn signal light to go left started blinking rapidly. Also the light for it inside stays on. And the bulb in front does not flash. What could be wrong? It's only with the left turn signal the right side blinks just fine.
looking for how many hours it will take to replace transmission
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