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My zip code is 30125. Was low on oil last Wed. Put 2 quarts in and everything seemed fine. Today Tuesday of the following week oil light came back on. Checked the oil level it was low again. Put two more quarts in. Oil light is still on and engine is starting to sound like a diesel. Oil level is good on dip stick. This is the 6 cylinder engine. Noise gets really bad under load such as going up hill trying to accelerate or even when using ac.

The radio, blinkers dome light , lights, windshield wipers all work but the engine will not turn over.

Fuel filter done 6 months ago,just replaced fuel sensor,sparkplugs,air filter,fuel filter car idles womt start got a gauge to check pressure now n cant find the valve

Now my car want start

When I turn my AC on I have cold air blowing out on Driver side of car, and heat blowing out on Passenger side of car at the same time. what could be the problem

Replaced fuel filter...pump works gas and gas treatment. Sounds like it wants to but don't ..oh and primed it first to...plzzz help

When starting, the engine cranks over many times before starting

how can you tell if the water pump is bad?

Problem occurs every time the front wheels are not straight.

Mirror got k ocker off and the wires connecting it were cut by someone and the wires touched after that the windows and interior lights won't work.

Starts every time, but immediately stalls

With car in gear. Put in neutral and idles fine

Started out having a hard time starting, till wouldnt start. Tested the battery, it was no good. Bought new one, next day still having trouble starting maybe even worse. While driving, it was having trouble excelerating and wanted to die. To check the alternator, started the car and unhooked the battery and the car died. So I changed the alternator, not really being for sure that was the problem. As soon I put a new one in the charge system light came on. Again that didn't make anything better. Drove to auto zone , died on at a stop sign wwouldn't start . All the lights went out like the battery was died. After about 20 mins I tired to start it and it started with help. Make it to auto zone and it died. No code read on the engine . Please help

what else do you need to know

it stops when i accelarate but continues again when i let off the gas. i put air in all tires and it still knocking/thumping. what could it be?

this is an on and off issue sometimes they work fine. tried both fobs with new batteries in each and issue continues

just replaced water pump, thermostat,radiator, thermal swicth, head gaskets, plus new heads..still overheats and flows out to reservoure

had the starter replaced and radio/cd player no longer worked.

it will start right up when it is cold or you do not wait more than 20 minutes

Fan won't spin car smoking by reservoir

that's all I was told about it..What could be causing this? Guy said,not bad but keep eye on the level of antifreeze..

When rpms go.up the car is surging & taking foot off of accelerator, it still stays at same speed for a minute or so!? Changes one sensor, but didn't help.

It does it all the time. Now it stalled out when it was raining the other night. Don't see no wires that r bare

2010 ford taurus limited, rear sunshade locked in up position. no response when hitting the button.

The noise is anytime the car is on, whether I'm in park or driving. Started as a squeaky noise whenever I turned the heater on, for about a week, and has progressed to a constant scratching sound. Basic diagnostics said no problems.

I start it back up, the light is off. I'll drive the rest of the day or even the next day before it comes back on again. Stopped at a gas station, the mechanic says it shifts ok. He said it could be a bad sending unit. I told him to unplug it if he could. Did he, NO. What might be the problem?

Pour something out every time I drive and then come home and park it. One guy told me it was head gasket and fluid was pouring out, not just leaking. Then sent me somewhere else to get fixed.

Car goes in 1st and 2 nd gear when drive turn like transmission in neutral

How much will a backdoor lock cost for my 2010 ford Taurus the door wont close cause the latch wont work

I have a 1994 ford Taurus. I have had it for about 5 months now, and when I start its.puttin like it's going to die. When I did drive ,it would start out fine,but a few minutes after the car would lose power, I could hold the gas to the floor and would still be going the same speed. Also made a scraping noise frequently while I drove. When I would pull over I would have smoke coming from the front of the car next to the radiator but I never saw the coolant. The temperature had never went about the middle. No sure what I need to do.