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I have the coil and wires replaced the vehicle is still sputtering and having misfire
put in a new thermostat. when it idles the temp hand goes up to normal.
when i drive it falls back down to cold. The heater blows cold air out on defrost and warm air out on the floor. I do not know what is wrong with my heater.
after the car is running and you are going down the road the door indicator will come on showing the door,s are open. then the power locks will click up and down and some time the dome light will come on.when this happens
1999 Ford Taurus. 165,000 miles. AX4S

About 15 month ago it developed a "funny" when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Hard to describe. More of a noise/sound. The gear shift would "over-hang", shift at the wrong speed with a funny noise (HummmmoFFF).

About 3 months ago the noise improved, but the shifting quality changed. Depending on how hard you accelerate, there is a "clunk" when going from 1st to 2nd.

Starting today I only have two gears. Reverse and 1st. If I leave the transmission in drive, when the 1st-to-2nd shift comes, the transmission drops out of gear (like it’s in neutral, engine revs, no transmission noise/no bang/no clunk, nothing, just engine revs).

If shift column select 1st gear, it stays in first.
No tranny noises.
Transmission oil level is correct.
Transmission oil and filter was changed 12 months ago.
Transmission oil is “Clear Pink”. Good color/no funny-burnt odor.
No codes are being set.

What is the problem? Valve Body?
Needed to add oil drove it up to the station a couple blocks away when we pulled in it stalled now it won't start we added 3 quarts of oil can you help or is it dead someone said to it might be the starter but it did start okay before that
2006 ford Taurus v6. haven't had any other problems prior, except battery went out. Could it possibly be spark plugs need replacing. I checked the fuel pump Cutoff button, reset it and changed my fuel filter so far
Just need to know if a 2002 Ford Taurus water pump will fit on a 99 Ford Taurus
Door pad can not remember the door code to unlock the door
Every time you shift in reverse it blows reverse lights and turn signals
Dave answered a question on a 1994 Ford Taurus obtaining access to the front nut plate that holds the sub frame to the body. Access hole offers limited access if the AC compressor is removed. Is it possible to get a wrench onto the nut that bears on the plate by removing compressor ? Can the actual plate also be replaced via this access hole ? Is there an access hole for driver's side front sub
frame to body bolt nut ? How to get to it ?
Only getting 12.5 volts while running and replaced the alternator twice and still not charging removed the alternator a third time and had it checked it checked good checked all the grounds don't know what else to do
Show me on the screen, LOW OIL PRESSURE signal, what a means? one time after that signal, don't staring when I turn on the switch, I did the regular oil change, please, I need to know what's come on?
My 2003 ford taurus ain't shifting out
My passenger side vents (all of them) put out no warm or hot air !
I ran the air on heat mode for about a mile until I realized it, and when I switched it to cold it now only blows hot! air, it worked just fine before that
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