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Trying to find a evap canister for 2004 ford taurus ses 6 cylinder engine. Ford not making any more. Mechanic did test with smoke. Leaks.
the 3rd gear the transmission has been slipping then connects, pops in gear.Yesterday, after reaching 55 miles an hour the 3 light comes on and goes off when I slow down.
Steam coming from under the hood after drivIng it
It's not doing anything abnormal just doesn't heat or cold air. Also checked fuses and levels of fluids.
I replace the starter and the battery and it still wont start when I replace the battery the horn started to go off can u please help
If you drive it a block, it starts to overheat. Someone told me that I had a leak in the radiator hose?
replaced inner and outer tie rods on car, passanger side tire kicks out at bottom, or top is leaning in... does the tie rod need to be adjusted and if so which direction? in or out.
I believe starter brackets were discontinued in models after 1988. Did a piece break off an aluminum block? What do I do now?
I have a 2006 Ford Taurus SEL and lately I notice that my car has been whining or squeaking sound whenever I m at a stop or slow down but when I accelerate I cannot hear it. When I turn off my car I notice a little leak where my power steering or belt is ? What do I need to replace?
All I know is I Checked the code and it was a p0411 secondary airstream incorrect upper air flow can someone help me diagnose this
My check charging system lite came on my battery and alternator have been checked it's fine what else could it be
This problem started all of a sudden I hasn't changed
Just bought a battery from Walmart for this car woke up the next morning the car won't start had the alternator tested oreilys I said it come back good had the battery tested and they said it was drained dry overnight what could be the problem with this Taurus
Coolant keeps coming out of coolant tank and it spikes all the way up while I’m driveig drops back down but doesn’t overheat again, and the temp gauge never stays steady always goes from middle to cold.
Check engine light on got diagnosed with the p0430 bank 2 does that mean the 02 sensor has to be replaced
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