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The light does not come on when the brakes are applied. It looks like a LED light bar and not aa bulb. Must the whole unit be replaced? Or is there a way to check it out.
The new switch went bad after three weeks. Why? I only have this one car and need my air conditioner.
I have a 1995 Ford taurus and I need to know all the ways to disable this car (that's are easy) that my grandfather would have done. I'm trying to because he's not able to get out of bed to do it for a while but when I ask him what he did to disable it so I can fix it, he says he's gotta keep that a secret incase he needs to do it agaon
When I turn the ignition switch there's nothing just click all lights, radio and all comes on it just would not crank
Only when it rains it leaks on my passenger side floor and runs to the back passenger floor also.My trunk also gets water in it.
I have a 2005 ford taurus. Recently it would not go faster than 20 MPH unless I have it floored. And even once I get it past 20 it shakes really bad and makes a horrible sound. Chamged the plugs and wires thinking that would fix it but it didnt. The mechanic said it sounds like a misfire on cylinder 1. Almost like it is stuck open. I really have no idea what that means and I don't know how much it will cost to fix it. What could be wrong?
My ford taurus 2001 jumps when sitting and letting it run. Check engine light is on, ABS sensor light is on, brake light is on.
When i slow down to make a turn and then give it a lil gas itll act like it doesnt want to go into gear.
I have a 2012 Ford Taurus..My radio changes stations on it's own, and I can't control the volume using the dash controls, but can using the steering controls only. I can't turn air off and or use climate controls to control air in any way.
I put new fuel pump and filter its getting gas. it is missing badly if you can get it to start. I noticed the battery light was on as well. The battery has a full charge.
had a power steering pump put in and drive it home moved it to another spot in my yard now it doesn't do anything
The Mo safety inspector failed my 2002 ford taurus because of broken rear leaf springs! I can not find any replacement springs for this vehicle. The spring code on the drivers door is ccee. Help?
I have a Ford Taurus 2002. I bought a wrong battery. Blew mega fuse. Bought a new one. And a new battery.

Now the horn won't work.

Checked every fuse, 3 of them got burned. Radio Car Lighter And Rear Defrost. Replace each one. Got everything back again. Except the Horn.

Been reading The Owner Manual, Fuses and Relays. There's a Horn Fuse, that one is ok. Change it anyway. Just in case. No luck.

But there's nothing about a Horn Relay. If there's one ! Where the Hecks is it ?
I hear a click when I press it. My guess that is still working. But the horn itself won't work.

Search everywhere. Notting on Ford Taurus 2002 Horn Relay ...

1.There's a Horn Relay or not ?
2. And if there's one, where is it ?
3. Should I replace the Horn ?

Since I hear it clicking ?
Or maybe I'm missing something.

When I excepted like 20 miles / hours stared on high acceleration, but running slowly; maybe any sensor problem?
a.c. compressor went out in car is there a part that can go it that will make my car able to drive without air conditioning
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