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911,2000,3.4 porsche
As I shift 3 rd.To 4th. Gear it slips. Happened same excact place 2 months apart. Getting on the parkway entrance ramp. Then it’s fine when car warms up
only happened yesterday, 2 foot diameter puddle at tire area, i have been smelling coolant for a year on occasion. not running warm, check coolant light came on a week ago, added 4-5 ounces of coolant to resovoir and light went out.
Need to know if I'm replacing the part.
hi pitch air noise similar to a "whistle" during driving into frontal winds of 25-40mph or any time driving 75+ mph at 5000 ft elevation. Noise appears to emanate thru the luggage area.
Headlights won't come on. If I pull stick back for high beers they come on. They won't stay on unless I keep pulling the stick back
radio cuts out when I hit a bump. If I hit the transmission tunnel it may come on.
a/c would blow hot on one side. has been not cooling but I have plenty of freon.
Power roof works but once opened dosen't close all the way
Car will not start and oil lines need replaced
They all seem to function OK, I can place a call, map works, etc but there is no sound from the system. Just started after major rain storm this week
I noticed a scratch on my headlight that is about 2 inches long and Maybe 2 mm deep, is there anyway I can fix it myself without ruining the quality of the whole headlight?
cooling fan smoked & made a lot of noise. The mechanic said it was loose. Would they have had to touch it to replace the alternator? Or is this new problem just a coincidence?
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