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the car drives at a reduced speed,until i shut off and restart car.. what is wrong and how much will it cost
I have a warranty but what does this problem fall under?
Whine is not getting worse. There is a small oil stain around LH side of diff. Could the active oil reserve be overfilling? Is the diff repairable or is it a sealed unit?
Have changed tyres, shock absorbers. Not getting worse in past 5 years.
It will eventually go into drive, 0
Park and reverse but takes many tries! Says gear shifter malfunction. This is every day!
How do I get it to work
Did the same for a short period of time a while back but came back on when restarting car. Fuses in trunk and glove box appear to be good as well as all connections. Any idea on the problem?
I experience a vibration issue with the 2016 650i while diving upwards of 70mph. Tires were changed, everything is said to be in great condition. Yet the service department cant seem to correct the issues with the vibration in either mode
the top opens/closes fine, but now the center window doesn't go up because it jams on the passengers side. the track in the convertible top seems to gotten out of alignment.?
what should I do ?
The car has about 110k miles on it. Anyone have any experience on what these cars do maintenance wise around this mileage mark?
The quote to repair is 1,800.00. Is that reasonable? How long can I drive the car before making the repair? Is it urgent?
i bought a new battery and it still wouldnt start. When i hook it up to my booster <quick jump> it will start. Please help
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