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Got 6 months then transmission starts slipping in 3rd gear and then motor smoking when I start it
a message appears on the dashboard screen where the speedometer is
Clunking noise when crank sitting still and traveling down road every bump clunks. Replaced sway bar links and bushings. Didn’t help!
Also a couple weeks ago i had no power or nothing and we hook up cables and it tried to start without key in it.. So we hit the starter and it stopped and started since. But now i have power but turn the key and nothing... Everthing dims down as soon as i turn the key.. No clicking or anything...
For more than a year the rearview camera on my 2011 Chevrolet Texas Edition Avalanche hasn't worked. Periodically, I will see messages pop up that say, "Park Assist Off," or "Park Assist Blocked." Most of the time the backup beeping still works
I checked fuel pump putting out 60 psi. I replaced gas cap, still hard to start after filling up.
i think the transmission is running hot
tell me how to replace a cabin filter?
my truck run find but when i put gas into
it will not start but when it start it run find
it just happen yesterday
unlocking. What causes this?
possible CAM sensor issue
The code according to the Tech's at auto zone said I needed to replace the o2 sensor, bank 1 sensor 1. I have done this 2 times and they cannot clear the code. My truck is still getting terrible gas mileage and doesn't seem to have the same power it had before this problem. I also changed the spark plugs on bank 1. What is going on what am I missing?
Sensor? And where is It located.
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