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My diff is leaking oil and is having a new gasket fitted. I have heard though that they were recalled due to being faulty. I see no evidence of this.
When I'm driving the car jerks in between 3-4 gear then throws a transmission fault message on the display. I have to pull over and shut the car off then restart it to proceed driving. I have to drive a a slower speed until all gears are engaged
I was driving my car uphill and the message appears stating “Restricted Performance”. I would like to know why this happened and whether there is anything that requires fixing.
Normal beam driving lights seem to hit too low to ground and not far out enough for me to clearly see the road. I am constantly having to drive with my Brights on. Dealership tested lights and said they were Factory set; seems like all my other cars I had lights beamed out a lot further than this car?
Car taken to Stratstone, Sat Nav Reverse camera and audio all went blank. Still has waranty till June 2018,
Also two recall jobs to do.
They gave it a full health check and found a badly worn rear suspension arm.
They gave this car the same health check 1600 miles ago with a clean suspension report. The car is a 2013 facelift model with 50300 on the clock, I just don’t believe it. Bill £600.
They are also going to charge for the electric fault, not uppedr the waranty,even though after a week they still haven’t found the fault. So they say. Probably just a bad earth,
Their customer service is very poor. Can’t get through to them, but prommis to phone back ,which they don’t do.
The check engine light is on before I start the car but turns off once car is started. The car stalled and lost all power when I tried to excellerate to get onto freeway entrance. When I tried to restart the car the engine won’t stay on and car shuts off as if it has lost power. Also, it almost sounds like a wissle or hissing sound sometimes when I drive at faster speeds. Windows rolled up I can’t hear it, window slightly down I can faintly here it at times.All the lights and electrical things work. Car just stalled and cut off. Car will turn over, idle for seconds, ( I can give it gas and raise rpms but in the end cuts off) and then cut off
80,000 miles. I've had a coolant leak over the last 2 1/2 weeks. "Coolant low" light would come on and tgan i woukd fill it and than I could drive for a day (50+ miles) and than have to refill again. Just recently showed white smoke/ steam coming from left side of engine and no sounds of knocking, hissing etc. . There is no smoke coming out of exhaust and oil is fine. The radiator fan comes on and there are no light indicators showing issues. Car runs fine, just the coolant leak and now engine smoke/ steam. I don't know what I should be looking for before taking it to a shop and possibly having to spend more than I should. Please help me understand what I should be looking for under the hood and under the engine from below.
My 09 jaguar xf supercharged still not starting after rebuilt pcm was installed. It was supposed to progremed to my car already. What could to the problem. The car not doing anything.
It only does it when I accelerate. It doesn't do when the car is in park.
What could be the issue?
It cause my engine light to come
Sometimes when driving, the wipers will come on automatically followed by air conditioner vents closing. Then certain issues arise.
The transmission slips a little in the morning when after starting but once warmed up it doesn't slip
My gas door is not opening on touch. I've tried several ways - tap and touch. Is there a inside release for the gas door?
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