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I can only open and close the door via the passenger side.
The key just turns around in the driver side hole and thus I cant open or close it.
Intermittent starting, from opening the door with the key, that turned off the alarm, to starting the car intermittently, i suspect a problem with the immobilizer. Where could i fine a immobilizer switch
over. Shut off engine for about 60 to 90 seconds. Turn engine on and it returns to full power. Used to do this once or twice a year. Now it can be 2 or 3 times a day.
MB told me to follow this procedure in 1995.
I pull to the side of the road and shut the engine off for about 1 or 2 minutes and it restarts. What is the cause? I want it fixed. Used to happen once or twice a year. Now it happens about 3 times within a 30 mile, or less, drive.
I have had my Mercedes for over 3 years and i have had few problems in the past with the doors but not like i am now. I have tried almost everything i know to get inside the car, nothin seems to be working. I have also changed the battery a few times. Any feed back will be helpful
I'm thinking I can stick 2 flat objects in little slots on bottom of radio and it would come an american car...but Idk and would like some help so I don't mess nothin up. Thanks
My car has been sittin for a year and noe it won't get fire to kick it over
I have taking the car to different mechanics and they cannot find the issue. My car starts but when I drive it say an hour and gets hot, and turn it off, it will not start. I have to let it cool off to get back home. lol
The third brake light works but not the left/right lower brake lights
The back end is much higher than normal and it is hitting hard like the shocks are locked in place
car is running heat on and when i try to direct it to center vents it wont blow out blower fan is working does okay if i push the ac or blue button by vents but only operates on ac only all push buttons seem okay
Head light do work when turned on, just the rear light are off
Car has a hard bounce in the rear. Feels like a lowrider at times.
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