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The diagnostic code reads p11607

When it rains or go thru car wash, water comes in underneath the dashboard. When I turn on the heater it comes down unto the passenger side even more until all the collection of water is out.

Speedometer/Odometer stopped working ... thought it might be the speedometer cable ... was told that this car didn't have a cable, it used a VSS switch ... OK, so I'm trying to get a feel for how much $$$ (approx.) this repair shoud cost me ...

Stuck in 2nd gear when in nuetral , engine starts up fine. Put a new Clutch , bleed the lines , have a good clutch pedal. In reverse the car just dies .. ???

I was driving my car and it died on me I thought it was something wrong with my fuel line but it seemed to be running fine so I had an out of work mechanic look ate it and he said it is my rocker arms and it needed to be replaced.

It has problems starting sometimes (gas needs to be pumped) but overall works well. The paint is really faded and it has over 150,000 miles.

I generally do it once every other year. Has over 150,000 miles

Have had issues with radiator in past, nothing else.

the bulb seems to be one that should be doing both of the lights in one bulb, but only one part of it is working

Gone threw 4 distributors,no noise just no fire.Now replacing a a/c fan motor and removed carpet and rubber liner and can not tilt motor and cage nearly enough to pull it down at a angle that does not hit the metal foot rest after all materiel has been moved.No room from bottom of motor befor it hits foot tray leaving no chance to tilt it to get it out.Thanks for any help

After running for a short period of time the car will shut down it will continue to run for a few seconds after losing power. It is a 1999 Acura Integra 1.8 l ls I have checked the connections on the fuel pump and replacing the fuel pump. I have checked the distributor nothing is wrong there I am thinking the ignition control module is faulty but not positive.

I had to change it because the old one cracked from the drain screw. I plugged everything back in correctly.

Battey it drains the battery so i have to change it againg but ones i take the the cables off it dies

This happens when I'm up shifting. I've replaced many components related to distributor but it keeps coming back, could it be a PCM? Or maybe a ground connection?

Drives fine then shut off and SOMETIMES IT will not shift right

Turn on but no start.

Replaced tranny seals & rear main seal
Starts up leaks what apears to be around presure valve(bad,squrits out)

anti freezer is that normal?

So I have a 2000 integra ls and for sum reason my power locks and windows won't do anything. I have replaced the fuses in the engine bay and under the dash on the driver side but nothing has changed... it don't sound like any power is going to the windows or the locks.

So I have a 2000 acura integra Ls 2.0 dohc and every time I start the car the engine makes a weird rattling sound. The sound don't affect the driving but it is really loud inside the car.

When I'm in 4th gear the car hesitates at fifty and when I'm in 5th gear the car hesitates at 65. I can power pass those speeds and it runs find. Sometimes I have problems starting my tegga like it isn't getting any gas. Once it starts it runs fine. Just had a recent tune up.

gears starting to grind when going to fifth heads gift gets warm too my husband blames me for stalling no way I'm believing that it's not the driver