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I have a 1990 Volvo DL wagon. When I fill the water resevoir, all the water runs out on ground. I don't see any problems with hoses. I fill it, drive a short distance, and the temp gauge gets hot, no water in resev oir.
Someone said it's probably the water pump. But I can't afford a tow truck to get it to a garage ( told not to drive it like this). Besides, I'm not sure if it is the pump, or something else. Possibly something I can do to fix it to get it to garage? Love this car. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
I'm looking for an old car, to play and tinker with. Which would be more dependable, and easier to repair myself?
The car starts just fine, as soon as you release the key it dies. I checked at the coil, and it has power in the "key on" position. All the cylinders are getting good spark continuously. I cracked open the fuel feed line at the injector rail, and the car has fuel pressure with the 'key-on' position however no residual pressure or fuel at all when the key is off.
I think moisture is getting into my distributor cap, has a hard time starting after it rains. But that fuel pump relay circuit crack looked intetesting.
It happened right after I felt a click in clutch peddle it will engage in gear but won't bite it don't jump stall grind just idle with out clutch pressed
It will struggle, chug a lot, and then shut down leaving no time to get to the side of the road. It will start up again right away. It's very random...
Bought the 240 wagon used, and the A/C needs charging. How do I tell what goes into it? Pressure washing removed all tags and labels.
I bought the car used, and I still can't tell if it has the airbag or not on my particular car. Still learning!
Maf unplugged runs smoother but it is a new maf what could it be
The radiator hoses when squeezed and car is off they put make the reservoir gurgle. The car is over heating and spilling coolant from the reservoir once its heating up. No leaks anywhere.
The reservoir boils and spills out the coolant. i have a new water pump and a new radiator just trying to see what it should be before i change it or if they need to be changed.
I made sure the connection on the alternator are secure. Some were loose and one broke because it was corroded.
Car won't start replaced fuel filter,line pump, coil, rotor and distributor cap and fuel pump relay motor turns and wants to start its seems no fuel is reaching engin help
on vehicle? He installed defective water pump which broke head & others who looked @ car while cooled off & attempted to put water in it saw water pouring out around screws & said mechanic didn't tighten seals, which caused head to crack? Should labor be his responsibility?
I replaced the starter still won't start
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