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Recently bought this car used, noticed the front end of the car and steering wheel start to shake when accelerating up to 50mph, soI immediately replaced all 4 tires. Car still shakes. What's the deal??
Neither key will turn completely to open my driver-side door and the trunk.
I am insert the key but it turns only slightly.
Ignition and passenger-door works ok.
I bought the car used from a non-profit and the locks were always an issue.
IDK if it is my imagination, but after I Power wash the car there may be more problems unlocking the doors. Could water get in there and cause problems? Thank you; I’m trying to avoid a big expense from a dealership.
always happens since replacing the ignition,someone said it was an actuator switch to ignition but I'm not sure how to find this information
Replaced gas cap OEM, suggested to replace Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor. Difficulty and cost?
The car barely overheated but when I refilled the radiator it didn't last long before it was empty again. The car is not knocking and is running fine. The garage said it's a blown head gasket and the cars not worth putting that much money into. My question is would some blue devil sealant even be worth a shot or is the car beyond that now? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm stranded 18 hours from home
Mounts motor and trans been changed and dog bones new. When I first get in, in the morning don't do it. Or if car sits a while
I was sitting in traffic and all of a sudden my car started smoking but temp. didn't register hot. I pulled over and all my coolant was leaking out. All of it. My friend said it's a freeze plug but why would it blow all of a sudden?
My car doesn't want to start because I remove the radio and I'm puzzle doesn't want to start does this car has antitheft
Removed tire.brakes good.all seems solid .driveshaft has in/out play of 1/4 inch .where should i look for the cause of this clunking noise.
Just bought my step son a 2002 Sc1, wouldn't pass inspection due to the dashboard lights being out. Thoughts? YouTube? Forums?
My car will randomly have a single jerk during acceleration and when I shift to the next gear it will jerk once then be fine. It feels like something dragging the car back then it breaks loose. My check engine light came on and stayed on till the next morning, when I was going to get it checked I had the jerk and the light went off. I have bad tire rods right now but that will be fixed soon. I've replaced pretty much everything else around the engine. It has 200000 miles
My carpet in the front and back gets wet as well and the back seats
I removed and dried spark plugs and wires the car was able to be push started but was idling very high. When I, came to a complete stop the car idled very low and shut off. Had to push start it again.
Brake lights!! The light in my back window works but my two main brake light don't. I have replaced bulbs, tried fuses, even tried new relay. Can anyone help me??
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