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I have a 2007 bmw 335i. I replaced the coolant expansion tank like 2 months ago because it was leaking. About a month later the low coolant level came on again and I saw the expansion tank was leaking from the same place it was leaking the 1st time. I went ahead and got another one since I had warranty. Bout 3 weeks later it happened again. This is going to be my third coolant expansion tank in 3 months.
my mechanic has replaced all cooling components (radiator, water pump, etc.) that he can think of, but warning continues to come on. normally warning comes on after driving the vehicle for 23 minutes. warning goes off in a few minutes and the vehicle is good for another 23 minutes. becoming and expensive problem. vehicle was kept at bmw agency for two weeks and problem came back on after a year. Have been taking vehicle to a private mechanic.
My engine power reduction light have come on several times. Im trying to narrow down the problem so I wont have to spend money that I dont need to spend
we have a 2008 BMW 335i that needs a new engine or like new engine with new or like new turbos. how much does normally cost to replace? please include labor
It appeared and said stop driving due to electrical then went away for awhile then things started going crazy my speedometer stopped...rpms stopped...gas needle jumps from full to empty and radio dashboard goes out and comes back on ..service engine light is on ... blinkers will turn on randomly also but the actual car runs!!
I am considering purchasing a 335i that has 30,000 miles on it. This would be a daily driver. My concern is about reliability issues and maintenance costs.

I currently have an Audi A3 that I purchased new 10 years ago so I am somewhat used to the idea that German cars can cost a bit more to maintain. How does BMW reliability and maintenance costs stack up to Audi?

Clean carfax, and 1 owner car.

Any opinions would be appreciated.


i have e92 335i 2008, recently i had a water leaking from the headgasket,a
week after replacing the headgasket, everything was fine until i opened the
oil filler to see theres water in it, now im thinking that the headgasket is not
installed properly or the head itself have crack or something, the garage
told me that the head was already checked and its in perfect condition and
the headgasket is new and cannot be misinstalled.
he is telling me that it could be the oil housing is leaking from inside , not
the oil filter housing gasket or the headgasket.
can anyone explain what could it be ?
can i just purchase the gasket or oring instead of the entire turbo?
Can I take the car in and get all of the recalls that have been stated for my car fixed? It has 104k miles on it.
what are the common causes for this
power comes on but starter won't engage. theres a loud ticking coming from the glove /fuse box,even with out key . Ticking comes on then stops for a second before coming back. Battery cables and grounding strap do not appear to be corroded. there are no dtc stored. i have audio and video of the clicking
My transmission has sporadically stopped shifting. Dealer says that problems are internal and serious. He says that BMW does not supply dealers with parts or tools to repair transmission and that I must buy a new transmission.
2008 BMW 335 i, I am change the high pressure fuel pump and doi need to change fuel injector.
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