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when you turn on the ac you hear squeeking grinding sound
The foam padding underneath the floor mats next to the chassis is soaking wet. Could be debris but checked the a/c hose opening and it is clear. If I find the water source, how would i ever dry that foam you cannor on remove..
it’s locked even when I use key
When I start the car, it goes on high idle initially. It does breaks down to normal, but after driving about 2 blocks, it returns to high idle and will remain there until the engine gets cold again.
the window master switch on drivers door stopped working and caused all windows problems. the drivers window is stuck down. can I jump the wires to get it up ? what color wires do I jump ?
the vsc lite &check engine lite remain on this is the reason took to tech for help upon checking replaced af and oxy solenoids, convertor,,VVt solenoid,,still misfire on 302 04 06.. now wants replace camshaft intake sticking??? need your thoughts Gene
200 lexus r 300 bought is ised an has 185000 miles on it. It does have a small e haust leak coming from a flex pipe.
I have the lower dash apart
I used to hear noise in the engine but after a while it stops when start the engine. But when the gear is engaged, the vehicle refused to move.
My Lexus RX 300 had knock sensor bank circuit 2 problem ,I changed the two sensors ,few weeks later ,the gear stopped selecting . I later serviced the gear filter and also changed the oil . Recently the gear started jerking . what could be the cause and what are the solutions .
At times would loose power & the throttle will go up and down while driving power will go down then pedal to floor then power kicks back in but not right away
I checked the fuses. Tail lights work, but no brake lights.
The tail lights work but no brake lights
how to remove ignition switch on a 1999 lexus rx300
Hello, Drive Lexus RX 300 Production January 2003 With Gas Injection. Yesterday, when I was driving it, I was impressed that the dashboard turned off the sector where the automatic speeds were running, and the dipstick did not work, but the car was running normally. I stopped in one place after which she did not want to light. The battery was spinning, but it was not flashing. I tried to ignite it, the car ignited, but the speed lights and the temperature measuring arrow were not working on the dashboard.I went home and quenched it and tried again to burn it on gasoline. This time he lit up with difficulty, with the dashboard stop lighting completely. The car was working on gasoline just as if it was drowning, and I tried to make it out, and it went out, as the instrument panel was fine and worked normally, including now the speed and speed. I just lit it again, but the dash was all but extinguished, but the car was working.
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