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Looking from above I can't see the oil filter. I'd just like to know it's location so I can change oil myself.
Started suddenly while driving. Warning lights illuminated drove approximately 2 miles and then vehicle stalled and would not restart
I recharged my a/c and now my car keeps blowing the 30 amp cooling fan fuse.
Is there a hatchback release inside my 2018 Kia Soul?
My AC and heater fan blower was working perfectly then it started to slow down on the highest speed number for then all the sudden it completely quit working I have no air blowing at all on my AC or on my heater. The fuses all checked out fine these lights on the knobs still illuminated please help I cannot afford a mechanic
I have a 2010 Kia Soul 1.6 manual transmission. Has trouble starting sometimes, sometimes it starts right up. It sounds like the starter is bad because I get the whirring sound like the teeth aren't grabbing the flywheel but I took it off and tested it, tested good. Inspected the teeth and also the teeth on the flywheel, no metal shavings and both look good. I took the rear seat out and can hear a buzzing sound coming from the fuel pump, so I ruled that out. I'm not sure as to the reliability of the way I tested the fuel injectors (I put a screwdriver up against them, put it up to my ear and listened for a clicking sound) but they tested good. I tested the battery (shows 12.5 first thing in the morning). I scraped the paint off the ground connector from the battery. Radio, lights, dashboard display, horn, all works just won't start sometimes. I'm really at a loss. Does anybody have any idea what this could be?
Paid $274.14 for front brake pads, hardware kits, clean&lube caliper slides, resurface both front rotors. Did AAA over charge this lady?
I can't get the nozzle on the AC recharge can to fit the low port. It seems just slightly larger than the connector on the recharge hose. Been to 2 different car parts places and they couldn't figure it out either.
I cannont find in the owners manual if this car has a timing belt, chain or both or when to change if it's a belt.
check recall by VIN KNDJN2A28F7753308
Car went off road I snowstorm. Didn’t hit anything but got stuck. I was wenched out. Now it sounds like I’m on a rumble strip and steers like I’m on ice. Any thoughts.
Why is there two senor
how do I get out a stuck caliper guide pin slider?would I need a differnt size bolt to screw in to it and pull it out?
May blow for 6 months then out where stop. Let it set for awhile then it will start blowing warm air or cool whichever is needed.
Turn key no sound instrument panel lights up have replaced battery.
Shift shifter up and down car will then start after a couple of turns...
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