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the warning light showing the boot open the boot is not open but I cant use my central locking
would like to know when to change timing belt.
Is there a way I can reset my key fob and/or door locks and/or computer after auto club changed/replaced my battery on my 2014 Kia Soul? From what I understand the computer system needs to be reset if the technician didn't use a battery saver or . . . if it lost all charge. Right now doors will only lock unlock while ignition is on, same with clock, lights flash when I close the door etc.
The dealer says they must do reset/repair and want $130.00
I've read something that says I just need to reset with the key fob but doesn't say for what year . . .
Have read some other general information but nothing specific for my year.
I appreciate any guidance!
Thank you!
Brand new vehicle, Intermittent airbag light, stays on until car is shutoff, 'drivemode' button doesn't work when light is on. Kia techs and escalation could not figure it out, this is a 2018 replacement with same issue as the 2017. Both have had issue arise well before 1000 miles
Cold morn 2010 kia soul just clicks, no try to start. Jump start no prob. I drive a good while to charge battery. Go in stores, come out starts Good. When done drive home park car. I open hood take off neg cable for overnight. Put cable on nxt morn, click click, no go.
Drivers side works okay, could be warmer though. I just had to replace my battery, coolant level is fine.
After I went through a carwash and wiped off dash and radio/gps screen, the screen wouldn't turn on again. It worked before I did all this.
All of the following issues began at the same time: Wipers only work intermittently and only on high. Speedometer only works intermittently but is accurate when it does. Inside temperature display shows dashes instead of the temperature. AC blows but no cold air. Horn rarely works. Gear stick is hard to dislodge from park after starting the ignition, also intermittent.

The car underwent 3 unusual events in the few days prior to these issues which are as follows: I purchased a new alternator from AutoZone and paid a mechanic to install it. I gave someone a jump and the pouring down rain late at night. I drove through maybe 30 ft of high water but all of the other traffic was driving through it also.

I I took it to Kia for diagnosis and they weren't sure what is wrong with it. They said I could try replacing the engine control module for about $2,500 but they didn't know if that would resolve it. I also replaced the BCM and had it programmed by KIA to the VIN and had the very same issues. This has been going on for a year now and I don't know how to get my car properly repaired. Any assistance is appreciated.
Speedometer reads 17 to 20 % slow,All the time.Since bought car used 10 months ago. Has correct size tires and wheels.
All I see is darkness
Happens after I drive and cut car off
Even with key out, fan stays on. Not a/c, but window vents and foot vents.
ok So I have 2011 Kia soul the car was turning on with no issues but the battery had low juice so... I charged the battery with it in the car and I left it on all day and night until the following day by mistake. Needless to say I fried the ECU and the battery. Since then the car cranks but does not turn over to start. I have air/ fuel / spark but does not start. Since then I have replaced the battery, ECU, and the Crankshaft and Camshaft sensors since it was giving the P0016 code. Now every time I clear the codes and crank it turns on, but once I turn it off when I go back up to turn it on it would just crank but not turn over until I clear the codes or jump start by taking out a coil plug. Please Help on how to fix this mess.
May need a new engine assemble what does that usually cost? If I buy my own for 1500 and have someone replace it what do you think that would cost? 2014 kia soul
My car stops running at random lights wont start back up for awhile. filters are clean .
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