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my 1996 Volvo 960 ran out of gas, I then tried to start it a few days later it started right up but only for a few seconds then shut right back off.I Then I tried to start it again a few days later and it would not start or crank at all just make this clicking sound when trying to start it. Then I took it to repair shop and had them put a new fuel filter on it but still no change did exactly the same thing when I tried starting it. So I then took it to another repair shop and they checked it for fuel line cloggs, bad spark plugs etc..He still could not figure out or diagnose what the problem was.When I went to pick it up I tried to start again no crank no start just a clicking noise.He told me it was getting gas to it and he also suggested it might be an electrical problem or issue that it was but he was not sure on that. A few days after he looked at it I tried starting it up. There was no more clicking noise it stopped completely and its cranking now but still no start. What is wrong
the car runs fine other wise but when i drive hoe from work its starts to lugg out going up a incline for about 1/4 -1/2 ill drop from 60 to 30 mph by the end and the engine temp gets just below the over heat line and then as soon as im past the hill its fine . i just changed the spark plugs and replaced the coil packs and wiring harness since they were toasted when a coil melted . i checked to see if i had pcv vacuum and took the oil cap off put a rubber glove and fastened it with a rubber band and when the car was idling the give was being sucked in . also my vacuum gave me a pressure of 17psi on intake vacuum line off the air intake . i cleaned the map sensor an i have no codes throwing up and my engine light dosnt come on . so i,m thinking ,my cat is clogged . will check the o2sensors reading in the morning and see how they are .
Also when it is working fine, recycle light takes to much time to go off.
There are no lights on, on the dash. Once you put the key in the ignition it beeps until you take it out. All doors are shut.
Turn signals/windows won't work?
What could this be?
I've been having problems with my directional/hazards for the past year now and I was able to resolve the issue in the beginning simply by replacing the fuses; but that only lasted for a week or so until they stopped working again. it then got to the point where the fuses would instantly blow every time I tried putting a new one in. The dashboard lights stopped working in October (warning lights on dash still work though) ALSO: my sons father got into an accident this past june which resulted in significant front end damage to the drivers side quarter panel/turn signal light assembly and it has not been repaired since then. The two prongs in the turn signal light bulb socket were corroded, (I'm assuming from being exposed to the elements for so long.)
Honestly don't know how to diagnose what is causing the directionals, hazards and dash lights to malfunction and if i need to take apart the dash to figure it out or something else?
do i need water or antifreeze and where is it located
Bought my car and drove it for a week. Coming home one night it disengaged from the transmission. Got it towed home. Next day I tried to crank it and wouldn't crank. Tried to jump it off wouldn't crank. So I took and shifted it through all the gears about 7 times with the I gnition in the start position. After that it cranked. But i can't drive it far without it disengaging again. What could be the problem
I just wanted to know if there is a way to disable the positraction feature. It seems to be having a severe sway in the rear end at speeds above 45mph.
Driving in town, car's dash lights all lit up, lost steering, brakes and all power. This happened twice today and once yesterday. Car has 188k miles on it and has been well maintained.
refer to prior question on same car
i replaced tps because idle was up and down. installed new tps ran perfect sht it off and has not started again. injectors were not pulsing have yet to know why had spark something stopped spark so replaced crk sensor still no spark fuel relay good, jumped the noise s
The snowflake-like icon on panel flashes continually whether or not I have the blower motor on. Some heat comes thru vent when my speed is up to 60mph, but warm air is not being blown...EEC? Motor? Codes? I wish I knew where to start looking because I'd like to try and fix it myself. Any suggestions?
The lights just stopped working without apparent cause. No clue what to do but can't afford to have it repaired. Any suggestions?
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