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the car was starting and running great, now it turns over when I turn the key, but wont start running.
I just had it fully diagnostic ran I had a valve replaced and oil change out new tires its ran great until now nothing major has happened so I don't know what could be the cause 1997 Lexus es300
Put new knock sensors in my 1999 Lexus 300 es. Now it's leaking water. What could be wrong?
I just tune up my 97 lexus es 300 with wires, plugs, coil packs the whole works. it was shaking, stalling, running rough,the things a car does when it need a tune up. after all that I've done, it's still doing the same thing why?????
This is the first time it did it. When try to start you hear a spinning sound
window does not go up all way or down all way

Coolent boils out of the reservoir
Car over heats when i drive too fast or too long
No leaks tho
It makes whining noise but engine is not even turning
Timing belt went while going down the road. Want to know if it could cause any other problems. Want to be informed before I have it worked on.
Heard loud bag car lost power now wont start. What could it be?
the problem is I do not know how to remove the cover under the hood to get to the antifreeze/coolant "location"
at this point could it be NOT under the cover? If you vould please show me location where I need to pour this in?its a 1997 es300 lexus please please help
I am trying to pour antifreeze coolant into my 1997 es 300 lexus, the car is not hot right now, but it gets hot
on car meter very quickly right after I drive 1 mile..... The oil needs changing but it does have oil. Its very obvious it is the coolant, I just am not completely sure where I under the hood I should pour it into, I know how to check the oil, I also know how and where to pour the motor oil . Also I know where and how to pur in the washer fluid, however I do not know where to pour in the antifreeze/coolant can you please please please help.... a diagram would really be helpful MOSTLY
THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE I just fixed my email was missing the" 03"
I have a P0420 code. The dealer shop told me it needs a new manifold and catalytic converter.
My car's heat, wipers, and radio came on with no one in it. While I was driving the doors were unlocking and locking. What could be the problem?
Goes into limp mode get misfire codes and fuel sensor overheat. Replace all 6 coils with after market parts replaced plugs Oem replaced mass air flow sensor. Car runs good for a day then back into limp mode. High mile vehicle. Clear codes then same thing happens all over again. When in limp does seem to want to shift out of 3rd gear misses bad at idle.
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