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Aztec won't start, no turn over and the Gage's won't work , help!
When I'm driving for about an hour my car will shut off. My Temperature gage will read high. When I start my vehicle again it trying to Idol but then shut off . I would have to let my car rest for while then it'll be fine until my temp gage goes up.
Went to start Car wouldn't start first 2 tries then it started then check Gage's light came on
After a slightly more than minor rear ending all of the rear lights have failed... No turn signals, no brake or stop lights.
After its gets going its fine only at take off
My son has rebuilt his engine and put in a new cpu and now his car won't start. All the lights come on but nothing else happens. There was a code that said something about a password. It thinks he is stealing the car
I pulled up to the gas station and shut my car off. When I was ready to go home my car wouldn't start. All the lights on the dashboard and head lights and taillights work. The lights aren't dim at all. What's wrong with my car?
Had a loud thump taking a turn and then car stopped. Can shift from park to reverse to drive but car acts like it in neutral. When move to R, speedo registers 10mph, likewise in D, speedo registers 30mph. When moving from Gear back to Park there's a loud clanking noise (just like when you would shift to park while still moving). Any thoughts? I
And it is making my trans slip really bad
The service engine light still works along with the signal light indicators and all the cluster lights. I just had the whole cluster rebuilt and the pcm is sending the signal because it reads rpm, temp, fuel, and wheel speed on obd2
it then fluctuates from 3500 to about 3900 rpm no codes are showing up
Breaks fluid is full and the emercy breaks are not engaged.
How do i get the key out?
Just within the last week I've had brake light issues. Just one of my main brake lights keeps not working then I turn on the turn signal for that side and turn it off then the brake light works again. I'm very confused on this. Please help me troubleshoot it if you have any ideas. Thank you!
When I put my key into the ignition to turn it over it'll start for a second and sputter like there isn't any gas but there's a full tank... Then when I try to turn it over again it won't turn over at all but has power to lights and radio.... The gages don't register at all
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