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Acts like its going to start (sometimes does but misses terrible). I have 57psi fuel pressure. The only code is P0300 and battery is fully charged, with all terminals clean.
So when I turn the key all the lights work but when I try to start the car some of the lights turn off and nothing happens. I bought a jump starter and hooked it up now the engine cranks normally but still doesn't start the car. I don't drive the car a lot and this happened pretty much overnight. any ideas?
Our 2012 Chevy Spark won't start, but the battery is fine. It starts immediately with a little push though. Then it drives fine, but as soon as it's switched off, it doesn't start again. Will do with a little push again.
I have a warranty on 2014 spark just bought the car started making sounds when I turn steering wheel and is hard to steer. Mechanic said it was bushings worn out was gonna charge $180 ! Plus keep my car over night with no lender car ! Please help thought warranty covered this!
Bought a 2014 Spark a couple days ago. Everything was working great. Today my radio, door/seat belt chimes and dome lughts will not work. Checked all fuses and unhooked battery. Still nothing.
When I open the hood latch I have a hard time relocking it when i'm done. According to google there is a recall on this part on my car but my dealership doesn't agree with me.
The gas cover on my car tends to get stuck and not go on or off easily. Do I have to replace it?
I'd like an easy way to make my stereo louder without having to take anything apart.
Hello everyone! I bought a used 2014 Chevy Spark about 7 months ago. It was a rental car so the mileage was a little high, and it's now due for a 30,000 mile service. I called the dealership and they quoted me over $500 for the service. I'd like to pay less... What are your recommendations regarding which services I should call around for? Thanks for your advice!
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