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Buddy giving me 2005 Buick Century bc he had bought two new fuel pumps and car won't start.Turns over just not getting fuel sucked up doesn't hear pump kick on..What else do I look for or try..?
My car was overheating because the fan wouldn't turn on (I thought). So I wired it to the battery, but its still overheating?
I've replaced both switches and checked all fuses
Heard it might be the control panel or the gears in my dashboard that are giving out to open something that has to do with the cold air or another problem someone told me is that theres a loose wire maybe. I also have lots of water leaks but none from radiator
Its a 1999 buick century. Bought last year, put freon in and cold air worked eventually went out on driver side. It didnt go out you can feel it trying to get cold just never fully get there. The heat works on both sides. What should i do to fix?
Its an '02 Buick Century Limited, 70,000 miles. It doesnt happen often except for when ive been driving my car all day. Im about to drive my car 1,200 miles. I just wanna know whats going on and if i need it to get fixed before i leave. Ive taken it to two different mechanics the first one said I have a lose motor mount and the other guy said nothing was wrong.
Sometimes the windows won’t roll up
She has brand new tires and alignment, oil change, replaced plugs and wires, changed transmission fluid and filter along with fuel filter. If I stop accelerating it stops. It was worse but after the changes has lessened she also only does this when warm. She has over 170,000 miles as well. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
How do I uninstall the interior lights and rearview mirror to save on battery
It throws out cold air but very low. Not enough to cool a petson or the car.
Service engine light staying on
Service engine light staying on
old car needs new window regulator help please
I have a window fell down in the panel my window motor doesn't work need help!
Why oil in coolant reservoir not losing oil or coolant and car runs great but overheats at lower speeds like 25 mph. Doesn't smoke from engine or muffler and I have no leaks or noises anywhere so how is oil getting in the coolant and what should I do to fjx it?
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