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Typical AWD problem,won't engage

All the lights do t come on but if you push parking brake in a little ways then all lights and mileage comes on

Replace key and tumbler on car ignition system try to start car starter turns over but will not start I think the anti-theft system needs to be relearn it is a passkey 2 system. It is currently at Tuolumne Street auto repair in Vallejo California he told me it was going to cost $500 up front is that accurate

I'm trying to replace my shift interlock solenoid

called auto zone they said the one before and after are the same but the one on driver side by manifold is different then called nappa they tell me they are all the same

when putting gas in the car

What should we check

I can let it run a half hour to try to warm up and then drive it and the temperature gage doesnt move and my heater blows out cold air.

All ether functions work

Can't get tail lights or any interior lights power locks and windows to work gauge lights don't work odometer lights up as do head lights and brake light and turn signals

I have changed several things on my 1998 olds bravada. Fuel pump ,fuel filter, spider injector, computer (brain), map censer,distribution cap and rotor. Now it will start but won't stay running. What do I need to do? Help please.

When I turn off the a/c the car will drive great

Can't see on the dash or outside with the plinkers. Seatbelt light goes on and off even when buckeled. Please help.

Head lights come on when ghetto car stars but don't stay on

While it sits warming up it stays on. When I get maybe a mile down the road it goes off.

the heater will not put out heat on the right vents. cold works fine.

I am changing differentials and don't want to damage the cables

The brakes feel like i don't have power brakes.Have code c0274 excess isolation time What is this? Clean speed sensor.I think they are ok.I coed off vaccum but it didn;t make any diffents. Please help I don't know what to do. Thanks Jerry

Goes very slow up hills. Feels like it is bogging out

It starts then dies security light is flashing

I think it might have somthing to do with the abs?? I don't know what to do? I have brakes but you have to reslly press on pedal hard. I have code C0274 This excessive time What is this? Thanks Jerry

How do you change spark plugs or a thermostat on a 2004 PT cruiser without removing the manifold intake

Key won't remove and engine won't stop except screwdriver inserted in release hole under steering wheel

My car runs hot and there is no leaking hoses. The radiator is full and the fans spews violent out of the plastic add tank. All fuses are good.

Replaced EGR & ECM and still is on. Where to check for low voltage to EGR

Squeak is worst when turning or driving over bumps

I thought Olds had a recall on this issue, but cannot find any info.

Rear wheel bearing on drivers side how do I change it

Then I pull over shut it off and start it up and take off then 5 "- 1 mile dose something

It just started doing this and when it hits 210 all it will do is just rev up. Can anyone help with this problem?