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Have a 2002 bravada Oldsmobile straight 6 why is engine light not coming on? Why is code reader showing nothing wrong. When brakes applied and vehicle in drive and you start to accelerate it has good power does not miss and has strong steady pulling power. If you quickly shove accelerator down to pass vehicle engine has extremely good power and not missing but driving on the highway and there is a slight hill and excelerator is maybe 1/4 way down and vehicle starts to lug or motor starts to come under slightest load and you have execelerated steady in the same position rpm might run 12-1500 motor has a vibration you can feel it on the steering wheel and through out the vehicle you can also tell the sound of motor is running tough while keeping the engine under a very slight load the vehicle sometimes starts hitching missing in and out feels like it is going to stop on highway. Then you accelerate quickly and then Vehicle seems to have good power and does not miss. When vehicle is runni
When the vehicle is running it idling erratically and engine is misfiring. also when the pressing on the gas pedal there's no acceleration
When I apply my break and am going down hill my bravada dies.
Car died while drive down the rd... will turn over but not start sometimes here a buzzing noise in dash
How long have you had this problem? first time
Lights stay on when switch is off

How long have you had this problem? a few months
It runs fine and revs up fine but when I put it in gear it loose power
which way is up?
Key ringing on auxiliary
Definate blown head gasket, probably blown engine
Typical AWD problem,won't engage
All the lights do t come on but if you push parking brake in a little ways then all lights and mileage comes on
Replace key and tumbler on car ignition system try to start car starter turns over but will not start I think the anti-theft system needs to be relearn it is a passkey 2 system. It is currently at Tuolumne Street auto repair in Vallejo California he told me it was going to cost $500 up front is that accurate
I'm trying to replace my shift interlock solenoid
called auto zone they said the one before and after are the same but the one on driver side by manifold is different then called nappa they tell me they are all the same
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