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My floor board is drenched in oil
My bravada is overheating i replaced the radiator thermostat clutch fan water pump had the heads done and its still overheating
Oldsmobile bravada
MY transmission is stuck in drive
my bravada automatic transmission gear was damaged and I'm leaving in Africa which is very difficult for me to purchasse a new one so that's why I would like to know wich other car auto transmission gear can fit to bravada so I'll adopt it
While doing an oil change it looked as if there where two mufflers one in front of the rear axel and the one you can see when standing atl the rear of the vehicle. Just asking g if I'm correct in that matter. Thanks
The cover over the oil drain plug broke on my 2002 Oldsmobile bravada and I don't know what it would be call so I can find a new one
The reduced engine power light came on on my 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada. Took it to a shop found that number 1and3 coil packs were bad. Still comes on. Not getting the gas mileage was before. Why?
It will slam into gear with a rev to 4 grand and then im off with a bang! Engages alot better when its not warmed up first. Reverse works fine and once its into a gear theres no slipping. front axle is missing so theres no four wheel drive. :-(
I want to pour transmission fuel in the truck.
when driving it will not push motor fast with rpms..and when at a red light is feels like its going to shut down but does not.

I replace spark plugs and wires I don't know if I am supposed to tighten wires a certain way or not ?
When its just idling in park it feels like its going to cut out I had the spark plugs wires and fuel pump replaced but it doesn't do it when your driving
So my heater went out yesterday, I started my car and turned on the heater, there was no air coming out, so i was thinking it could be the thermostat. But today I started it, i turned the air on to see if it still wasn't work but the air started blowing and heat was coming out so what could the problem be. It started making notices like when i would turn on the heater or even ac it sounds like something needs to be oiled bad squeaking sound the sound started about a month ago. It's a 2000 oldsmobile bravada. Any help is appreciated sincerely Lupe
Have a 2002 bravada Oldsmobile straight 6 why is engine light not coming on? Why is code reader showing nothing wrong. When brakes applied and vehicle in drive and you start to accelerate it has good power does not miss and has strong steady pulling power. If you quickly shove accelerator down to pass vehicle engine has extremely good power and not missing but driving on the highway and there is a slight hill and excelerator is maybe 1/4 way down and vehicle starts to lug or motor starts to come under slightest load and you have execelerated steady in the same position rpm might run 12-1500 motor has a vibration you can feel it on the steering wheel and through out the vehicle you can also tell the sound of motor is running tough while keeping the engine under a very slight load the vehicle sometimes starts hitching missing in and out feels like it is going to stop on highway. Then you accelerate quickly and then Vehicle seems to have good power and does not miss. When vehicle is runni
When the vehicle is running it idling erratically and engine is misfiring. also when the pressing on the gas pedal there's no acceleration
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