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over heats when engine gets hot
It only happens when the ac is on.
fan for AC/heat will not shut off
We can put the key in ignition but it won't turn. It stays in that position. We banged on bottom of key lock cylinder and got it to turn. Now the key won't go in off position and come out. What can we do to get it to release the key? And what would cause it to do that in the first place?
Gas, RPM and the display panel above my rear view mirror, along with my heater fan and my headlight do not start in the automatic mode. I have lights in my gage panel. I checked the fuses, nothing wrong there. I have a 2001Chrysler 300M
Tried to jumpstart car...when the cables were connected the alarm came on for about 15 minutes. Lights and radio came on, but it wasn't getting any fire. What could be the problem?
The lights turn on the car acts normal then u turn the key to the start position and nothing happens. A while later it starts right up. This has been an on going issue for a yr now...very unreliable when u have plans and everyone piles in the car and u turn the key and it dont start. You can hear a click when u release the key from start position. Its not the battery because it has power and when u jump nothing happens...please help
cost for repair of high pressure power steering hose for Chrysler 300M 2000.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Lost power steering fluid due to corrosion
How long have you had this problem? 1 day
Every so often when I go to turn the ignition over, I hear a chattering noise, nor does it not crank up sometimes
Why when I am driving do I hear a random beep in my Chrysler 300 yet none of my dash lights come on with warning signs nor my check engine light so far have not recognized a pattern and wondering does anyone know what is going on?
When im stopped at a light my car shuts off n sometimes i have to put it in neutral and restart it
my car will not crank or start but everything else works...checked battery, started, alternator and fuse
My car hasn't moved since March
While night driving sometimes the interior lights blink off and on, this has come and gone for more then 10 years and does it random and seldom. Outside lights blinking while engine if off is a new thing along with now when I start the car sometimes the radio and air and window, locks does not work. I shut off the car and restart it and it works. The battery is a Super Start extreme O Reilly which is 6 years old and we are replacing it now. Because of the blinking lights the car dies during the night unless we set it on '0'
I did notice after replacing part that on olden the was slight scratches on the end of sensor. But car runs great. Just can step on it and idles rough. Before I go replacing wires and harnesses I thought I would get some advice. I have notice that I have been getting slight light flickers and a small power loss when turning on lights and other items. Advice please.
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