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cost for repair of high pressure power steering hose for Chrysler 300M 2000.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Lost power steering fluid due to corrosion
How long have you had this problem? 1 day
Every so often when I go to turn the ignition over, I hear a chattering noise, nor does it not crank up sometimes
Why when I am driving do I hear a random beep in my Chrysler 300 yet none of my dash lights come on with warning signs nor my check engine light so far have not recognized a pattern and wondering does anyone know what is going on?
When im stopped at a light my car shuts off n sometimes i have to put it in neutral and restart it
my car will not crank or start but everything else works...checked battery, started, alternator and fuse
My car hasn't moved since March
While night driving sometimes the interior lights blink off and on, this has come and gone for more then 10 years and does it random and seldom. Outside lights blinking while engine if off is a new thing along with now when I start the car sometimes the radio and air and window, locks does not work. I shut off the car and restart it and it works. The battery is a Super Start extreme O Reilly which is 6 years old and we are replacing it now. Because of the blinking lights the car dies during the night unless we set it on '0'
I did notice after replacing part that on olden the was slight scratches on the end of sensor. But car runs great. Just can step on it and idles rough. Before I go replacing wires and harnesses I thought I would get some advice. I have notice that I have been getting slight light flickers and a small power loss when turning on lights and other items. Advice please.
My car will not shift out into high gear. Im stuck in second and check engine light is on. Also the speedometer does not work. Plenty of fluid in transmission.When i shift into drive- its an automatic- it goes into gear hard.
The battery was replaced and ever since then the car rarely starts immediately. I was told it was because taking the battery out set off some kind of anti theft system and all needed to do was hit unlock and lock on the fob. A month later I'm still having the same issue. Taking up to 45 minutes to start my car.
cant get defroster to work, heat only blows from vents no matter what I select.
2002 300m i had to pull engine to install new crankshaft and i noticed this isnt the original engine. It does have aluminum block and its a 3.5 but my plate that holds the rear main seal is a oring and my oil pump is oring gskets ..everything i look at has paper gasket in rear and a metal plate attached to rubber for the oil pump. How can i find out what my engine is. ...engine cast#is 4663806AB
I have a subwoofer in a amp in for some reason my six by nines keep making this crackling sound and cutting in and out

I'm replacing a motor in a 01 300 w 3.5 liter engine. I was looking at compatible replacement
Where is the access port to hook up fuel pressure tester
shift into any gears at all, whats the problem?
My daughter was driving my vehicle and stopped at a gas station and car would not start, tried to jump with another vehicle but would not start just ticked ,ticked let it sit on charge for a while lights inside came on but still would not start ,called AAA they came out hooked up there charger it started right up, drove the car home no problem parked in the driveway cut it off and it would not start dead is that the battery or alternator or what could it be?this has never happen before . there has been no sign of a struggle for starting or dragging starter or any sign of anything related to starting
I was told it was something under the dash by my aunt (the original owner). I'm thinking it is either a fuse or fan blower motor/resistor. Where is this located and is it necessary to remove the entire dash?
My coolant is dripping out of an area around the front of the engine near the oil pan. I can't find any hoses leaking. Everytime I fill it up it just pours out from somewhere onto the metal piece in front bottom of the engine which blocks your view from seeing anything.
Hi I have a 1999 Chrysler 300m and it was overheating when I checked it was the thermostat then I went to get the parts my wife tried to go to the store she made it there but on the way back it cut off on her I changed the thermostat and now it just crank but no start
Can you show ke the actual timing chart how to align it
the right way
I have a 2000 Chrysler 300m that ran absolute fine. then suddenly ran low rpms and died while sitting at a drivethrew. Now it won't start... Code said cylinders 5 and 6 multiple misfire. I changed spark plugs, didn't do anything. Tried starter fluid and it starts, then promptly dies. so I changed the fuel pump, didn't help. It has spark. And timing is still good. I don't know what els to look in to... Any ideas?

Thank you for your time.
My rpm jumps to 3000 and its like im stepping on the gas and the car idols reall hi
The reason I replaced them is because periodocally the car would die while driving... all my research indicated the care needed the cam/crankshaft sensors. After replacing them, the car tuns over but wont run... whats the issue now
the cable won't budge. Wanting to push/drive it home.
My car has been acting up something fierce lately. When I have been starting it, it takes me a few times of turning the key to actually get it started. The first 1-5 times I do try to start it, it will just click once. We've done some banging and moving around and the car will honk and the lights will turn back on after the car has been completely dead. Nothing, not even the locks will work now. Everything has to be unlocked manually. None of the electrical will work. I just had the battery "fixed" or "worked on" as well. Not sure what he did to it, but it's back to doing the same thing it did before. Another thing, is when it is connected to another car battery or an outside battery by jumper cables, it will honk, and when I go to start it, it won't start, it will just repeatedly click over and over again. If anyone has had this issue before, please get back to me on what you think it may be. I've dealt with this issue for months and no one can seem to find out why it's doing this. Thank you.
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