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I have a 2.3l 4dz1 isuzu i replace the head on i experience replacing cylinder heads and ive been satisfied with my end result no issues until this 4dz1. Ist belt on step by step from isuzu instructional videos got her all back together timed ready to drive,everything was good on my test drive until belt slipped. Tensioner was bad so i replaced it and the belt, fired her up 1 crank n shes sound good, off i go for my test run everything sounded good until my way back she died and it sounded like the belt slipped again pullled the covers off this time the belt is fine but TDC and cam lines r way off!! Anybody's info on what my issue is n how i can fix it will b greatly appreciated!! Thanks , Helpmy91

2.3l 91 4dz1 isuzu has fuel spark n compression but wont start it was running 3 days ago i put new fuel lines on it fired right up 4min later it died the carb was flooded so had the floats adjusted but it wont fire?
The brake lights works fine when my head lights are turned off. The tail lights are brand new. Turn lights works fine when lights are on. Just the head lights don't work. Everything works when the head lights are turned off.
it runs great till you go around a curve to the right then when get back strait it runs fine
Only run when I pour gas into carburetor. When that runs out it quits.
My 1990 Isuzu pickup runs fine when I'm accelerating but misses and backfires at steady speed, even when I'm going downhill. The mechanic checked the carburetor, etc. but can't find anything.
Charged battery up. Changed fuel filter.
I turned a corner and it died on me. It starts right up but dies.
I over hauled the engine and it would not start but it spun over once and then the motor lock up
There is white smoke coming out of my tailpipe smells of gas out of the tailpipe. The water overflow boils over with steam and water balls out now it's leaking oil out the oil filter quite a bit there was no water in all to begin with but there is now change the water pump fan clutch radiator top water hose and thermostat. Very rough start up won't stay running without keeping the foot a little on the gas pedal they all that laid out around the oil filter had no water mixed in it
I had the timing belt and water pump replaced at a shop. when I got it back it cranks but chokes out. I have to rev it up real high. then drive it for about 3 or 4 blocks.Then it restarts and runs fine all day.
after it became real hard to turn. then the right font feel down to the tire.
Please of anyone knows what this is or any suggestions please tell me....
Getting aggravating
2.3 engine.

I have a 1993 Isuzu pick up standard 4-Cyl, 2.6 Liter , 5 speed manual transmission. We just replaced the catalytic converter, it passed emissions,as soon as it passes, it started shutting itself off , the day it passed . It runs and stays on if you just let it sit there and idle,but if you drive it for a few minutes, it shuts off. It starts right up, but will continuously shut off unless you keep your foot on the accelerator.
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