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Replaced links and bushings on sway bar for some reason the driver side bushing for the 2nd time has come out of bracket.I tightened very tight and bought new bushings they are the right size 20 for my 2007 saturn ion 2.2 you think it could be my bushing housing?i thought i did somthing wrong the 1st time but no and both times came loose within 3 days of driving to work.maybe12 miles a day.
The mechanic says that to replace the fan motor blower they have to use a “kit” that involves cutting the bottom of the fan motor assembly out in order to replace it - he said the alternative would mean removing the dash board to replace it. I never seen anybody have to do this per You Tube or per an internet google search - am I getting scammed?
REPLACED THE FUEL PUMP 2 YEARS AGO - this is my neighbors vehicle - they don't have a computer
It works until someone opens and closes the trunk.
Noticed Anti-theft​ was not blinking on dash, after a thunderstorm.
Keyless entry, with key FOB wouldn't work, when I noticed & attempted to investigate,
Used key to open driver side door. Attempted to start car—it wouldn't start.
Locked door manually. Then, a symbol, NOT flashing (??-Perhaps a lock symbol?) appeared on dash.

Then, I used key to unlock, tried to start car, it would not. Manually locked car, the symbol still there.

5 days later, NO lit SYMBOL on dash, I unlocked with key, tried to start, NO GO.
Can't open trunk even with "pop button" & key won't open trunk either!

Gonna try to jump car off under hood, & try "trunk pop button" again, bc actual battery in trunk. But WHY won't my key work in trunk lock? Is it possible that when I had ignition recall fixed, did my key suddenly stop working in trunk lock???
The engine light at first came on intermittently. Finally it would not go off. The pre-catalytic converter sensor was replaced and the engine cleaned with a kit. Additionally, and probably unrelated, the coolant warning flashed on the speedometer on 4 occasions spaced by a few days though the coolant chamber is full. For the first time ever a few days later I had a soft miss at low speeds. A few days later the engine light came on and suspecting a possible particle of carbon loosened up, I slowly in park increased the engine speed to clear the carbon. Just before it got to 4000 rpm, the engine speed dropped for a fraction of a second and increased. This kept occurring several tomes of a several second interval until the engine stalled. I tried again the next day and the day after that and the same thing happened. This is NOT a cylinder miss, but a full engine miss. I tend toward a gas filter problem and shudder that it might be an ignition or gas pump problem. Any thoughts?
If so where is the throttle sensor located?
had the ignition switch replaced (recall). After the replacement the car would not start. Mechanic said BCM needed to be replaced. Got that done. Now 6 months later the car is having the same problems as before but the mechanic states its the ECM. Are these two modules related?
We have double check it. Now it's saying about anti theft security
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Na
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
Sounds like when you hit a bump you're hearing out loud rattle
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? 6 month
Had new clutch put in and now car won't start. If put key in ignition switch on just won't start but turns over
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
and I didn't hook up any of the vacuum hoses to the intake it runs and drives just shifts hard in to gear anyone know if I did anything wrong ...i was told I didn't have to hook up the vacuum hose just threw a filter on it
I have a Saturn ion three that that I put it in gear but it doesn't go anywhere is there like a sensor underneath it could come undone
Sensor in the transmission
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