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Already had a wheel alignment they said that needed a shunt on the back tires
No driving issues, just trying to pass emissions
my 2004 saturn ion is shuddering between 35 mph and 40. It’s not crazy shuddering, just makes the muscles in your leg shake. It feels like it’s the whole car, but you feel it most in the drivers seat. The steering wheel does not noticeably shake when this is happening. least week i had to replace the front left wheel bearing assembly. When i was in there i ended up having to replace the cv axel, and tie rod ball bearing as well. could i have messed something up when doing this work? i took the wheel back off, and everything looked fine and tight. i also threw on the spare instead of the front left wheel to see if it was the wheel or tire causing the problem, but it does the same thing.
my car will start once i get on the bottom of the steering column and push a white button to located underneath the clutch
How much cost fix when they put sugar in tank Saturn ion 2005
After locking the car , the alarm light that blinks red when alarm is activated does not work. But, I can still lock the car, but I have no security light flashing to show the alarm is activated
I had the clutch replaced inmy 2006 Ion and the mechanic after putting it back together said the synchronization was gone in third. I asked, won’t that wear out the gears and I got a reply “it’ll last for awhile.”
Also the next day I noticed the engine light come on and it was down two quarts of oil. 2 days later and I can’t use either 3rd or 4th gear? My question is should the mechanics have know the synchronization was gone before putting it together? Would they have draine the crankcase to change the clutch? Am I mine looking at a new transmission? Help and suggestions appreciated.
Just installed new battery checked relays and fuses but no crank.
Hello, I was working on my Saturn trying to get a new radio into it I put all the wires together and when I plugged it in nothing happened but then my car door open sound started going off when my keys weren't in the ignition and my lights weren't on as I don't have any. Anyway I started the car and it wouldn't turn off, I could completely remove the key and it kept running. So I just put the ebrake up and put it in first and the car died. But now every time I go to start it nothing happens at all. Idk what to do I already tried locking the door and disconnecting the battery.
I had an incident with my caliber coming loose and getting jammed around the axle, so maybe the shift cable got damaged. Do you think this could be related? Not sure where that cable is located but it started happening after this happened.
Saturn Ion 2006 no warning light flashing just loud sounding. Electric power steering.
Every ones in awhile it goes up a 1/4 ways
The driver side window will not go up. I have to keep hitting the door to make it go back up. Could it be a fuse? It has no problems going down. It's a 2005 Saturn Ion.
When I sit still and turn the steering wheel all the way in both directions it makes a rattling noise on both sides and when I'm driving down the road and I hit a pot hole or a bump it makes the same rattling noise. What be the cause??
2006 saturn ion 2 2.2L automatic transmission.
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