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I have changed my starter already and its still doing the same thing what could be wrong now

I brought my car in to a repair shop, told them it was making a knocking noise, also had some new tires put on. They gave the car back with the new tires on it but still making the knocking noise. The car is now back at the shop for the knocking noise and suddenly they were able to identify whats causing the knocking noise. NOw I have to pay for another alignment because the struts are being replced. Im thinking they need to eat the cost of this second alignment for not finding this issue the first time. I paid for an alignment when the tires were changed. I need to know if this a get-over. Please advise.

can not get new stud in from back in any position

Do I still have leeway from the recall?

What could this be

No compression cylinder 3 was tested what could this be

When you press door lock untill chimes 3times and shut door it locks all doors and passlock light should flash ....Passlock light is not flashing

There's a noise towards the dear when I start it and then my door locks go crazy and it jumps in a different gear.

It literally split in half and pulled the axle down with it as well as the ball joints, bushings, tyrod, and the tire fell off and went into the passenger fender. The undercarriage was scattered across the road as well. 2 minutes earlier and I would of been on highway driving 85 mph. This happened 2 mins from home after driving 1900 miles home from Florida. I was 2 mins away from arriving home and just got off highway when it dropped. Literally going 10 mph

Person driving said the battery light had been coming on,But just out new battery in last year

I have changed Crank Sensor and Ignition control module on coil pack I'm out of ideas

Window will go donw but not up

When testing current flowing it shoes ut is. When connecting motor no current

The p0833 goes out every 600 miles

I believe air done got into my motor the vehicle doesn't want to go over 10miles then it takes a while for it to accelerate to the speed limit.

Check engine lamp, ac clutch went dead along with cold air

Shows as not relearned. Check engine light won't go away

this happens daily

The coolant is full but the light for check coolant is on...

Engine light on and took it to have it tested at auto zone and they said it was transmission control module

No dash lights or overheating at any other time except when stopped with the ac on.

When placed in drive or reverse it will move a few feet either direction but then stops. I noticed before it got this bad that it was slow to shift gears during 35 miles or higher. Also when starting g from a complete stop it would jerks hard before actually moving

I want to change iac valve but don't want to spend endless money and time I do not have

The price on getting a saturan ion reset 2003.

I am trying to get the cirrect coil on my car replaced. A repair shop asked me: Which Coil? And i don't know. I only know when the Diagnostic was ran it said: P0354

Now in March 2015 I got new fuel rail, battery, and radiator. Electric in my car is fine but there isn't any power to motor. Does anyone have any clue at far as what should be my next step in checking? Help....please. Thanks in advance!