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What would be making the car stall when it warms up?
I'm not getting an power at all what would that be an what would make it do it keeps blowing fuse to
Now it shifts fine but it just revs a lot but it actually move a little on drive and can feel it shift for the first 30 seconds after that you cant feel it shift anymore . The first 30 sec. You can feel it shift into the way its leaking some trans.fluid about a spoon a day.the breaks are not sticking
What seems to make the problem better or worse? first 30 sec. its moving fine.after that lots of revving moves a little
How long have you had this problem? one week, just right after i changed the trans.fluid and filter
2 weeks ago low coolent light came on so I added coolent and it's been running fine ever since. Today at stop light, smoke started coming from under hood. I turned the car off and waited approximately 8 min, 2 light cycles, then pulled over and turned the car off again. I checked my coolant and my oil and both are fine. No fluids leaked out at all. I drove the car home after the engine cooled down, driving with the heat on. I was able to get it home safely. ( I had been using the a/c at the time it overheated.)
The seal is leaking
1997 Toyota Mercury Tracer
Turns over, i have spark and fuel new timing belt double checked timing.
I put it in park, had my foot on the brake, and the emergency brakes on. I tried with other options, brake on / brake off, in park / in drive, Emergency brake on/off.
Has been working perfect. Went to go somewhere and would not go into any gear
Next day alternator. Went out replaced alt. And battery still no turn signal or rpm gauge is there a relay r something. The fuses were checked and are OK. Please help. Good car just needs help.
Runs fine otherwise.
I got a new alternator, starter pack and battery. My power seatbelts and turn signals stopped working. My car wont stay running. It stalls when I get done the road or before getting out of the driveway and wont start. It may or may not the following day. What is my problem?
My seatbelts are the kind that slide over your chest and the second part is on the floor and has to be pulled over your lap. I just had the alternator and starter coil.....pack??? replaced. Turn signals not working. Do the seatbelts work off the turn signal switch? Fuses were looked at and are fine
The car just cut out on the freeway, and will not start. The fuel pump is working and I get a spark at the plugs.
The Belt just turns and turns and won't turn on no spark
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