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Replaced bulbs, fuse & connector & still won’t work
my truck wont start, i replaced distributor cap and rotor, when coil wire is in the distributor it wont start, but held out to see or hear spark, the engine wants to start but dont. its a 1989 mazda B2200, 4 cylinder.spark plugs and wires were new 4 months ago.
no spark code PA15 not sure what is wrong . turns over .
going speeds of 75 mph pickup starts sputtering and slows down
is the wheel pattern the same as a 94 ford ranger as it is on my 1992 mazda b2200
only happens after engine is fully warmed up.. Problem recently started and is consistent... Seems like it stalls on downshift into lower gear.. ?? local mechanic finds no reason for problem...
Truck failed smog test. This was the display code. Need to know it's meaning.
I was driving home from work and truck started acting up it wouldn't idle when I press the gas pedal it shut off and won't start and batter gets drained
Now the truck will not start. Makes a sound I have never heard before. Kind of like a vehicle with no compression which it does. 15 lbs. scratching my head
relaced carb,has no catalitic coverter,coil had rust sanded most away
Truck was not used for 5-6 months.
so i'm 17 and this truck was my first. you gotta know what this truck means to me then. a little while back i could drive to the next city back and fourth easy as can ever be but recently my truck is not wanting to drive like it used to. i had a mechanic and my own family try to figure it out and we narrowed it down to something backing it up. that whole thing led to a couple of my vacuum lines busting and having holes in them. honestly i dont know whats up with it and i need more advice.
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