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I drove my Scion xB today and when I came out about 20mins later it would not start the key will turn and everything turns on but the car will not start a steering wheel warning symbol comes on with a exclamation Mark. I have replaced the battery and checked the starter. I'm not sure what else could be the problem

I just replaced the battery but the battery signal still on.

My car started overheating on the ride back 2 hrs away. I pulled in the gas station put water in it and it cranked back up i started driving and it just cut off so i pulled to the side of the road. It now wont start. It wasnt gettin sparks from spark plug but i then had all 3 new sensors put on. It now spark plugs are sparking but it still wont crank on. Can someone plz help me and my mechanic have no idea what else could be wrong bc head gasket isnt blown?

I have been away for 6 months and the car just wont start now i put the key in but the only light that turns on is the red low oil level light

Fan works, heater works

Scion Xb 2008 stopped in the middle of the road, wouldn't re-start. Connected to a scanner: Fault code P0117: low engine coolant circuit voltage. I added coolant, tried to re-start the car: Starter spins, cranks sometimes, but car won't start. Any ideas? Am I looking at a dead engine? The engine did not overheat, according to the thermostat in the car. At wit's end, thanks.

The front of my car is making a clunking noise a guy said it was my differential and now my car won't start

by accident it started wen i kick started it but turning key nothing

The Scion xB stalls at a stoplight but runs great possible timing chain replace

wont accelerate. what could be the problem?

my car is using a lot of oil

On dash broad under my clock the words TRIP A just appeared

I have had a problem with the fog lights covers coming off, the lowest grill side snap on pieces coming off, and the trunk hatch coming off and have also noticed many other cars here in boise Idaho have the same issue.

I am having a hard time locating and removing starter.

It'll blow hot for awhile and it'll get cold but not cold enough it's like I'll crank it up all the way and it barely blows out Any air but sometimes it'll work perfect it's confusing

The line doesn't have air in or it doesn't have fluid neither what do I do???????

For some reason it has stopped blowing out. It only blows a small small amount of air out. That's it. Temp gauge still works but the fan speed doesn't work

Besides the dealer were can I take it to get fixed

the car has begun to stall, runs very poorly as if it wants to drop dead. we have changed out the plugs, the coil wires, fuel injectors cleaned and rebuilt with number one injector being replaced. the car is emitting raw. could it be a vvt i sensor, where is it located? does it affect the shifing of the transmission since the rpms are affected? please help. sincerly out of my wits and running out of money and patient.

Battery was dead, charged it, car started, then check engine light came on and car won't go over 5 mph

I was driven down the interstate when i heard a ticking, everytime i would give it the gas. To save what i had, i put the car in neutral and coasted to the next exit. After i turned the car off and noticed oil splatter under the hood, it wouldnt turn back over. I had it towed to my house the following day. Theres hardly any water in the radiator and milky oil on the stick. It will only run and stay running if i keep my foot on the pedal.thinkin its a head gasket, already bout the stretch bolt and head gasket kit.

This past weekend, I was on a trip and I turned on the AC unit after I started the car and heard a pop! Now the AC makes a flapping and whirring sound which only gets louder when you turn up the speed of the AC. It still blows cool air but the noise is loud. My dealership charges $85 just to do a diagnostics of it, but no idea what the costs of repair would be. Someone help?

RPM go up then it drops back down to 2nd gear. Not a smooth transition. Cold weather not an issue

Around March 2015, the engine warning lights went on (VSC and engine check). took it to Mechanic, ran diagnostics, and then replaced the 02 sensor and the MAF. At first no problems. Few weeks later stared experiencing stalls and weakness when driving. Took it back, they couldn't get it to stall, cleaned some things up, recommended using high test, didn't charge me and it was running great. Recently it started again, It has happened 2x while I was making a turn, 2 times while stopping at a stop sign, one time, while waiting for a light. Leading up to these episodes, I have felt a "weakness" when driving. Took it to the mechanic again yesterday, got the fuel system cleaned, plugs changed and am crossing my fingers it doesn't happen again. Any ideas??? I'm desperate and scared to drive it now. Thanks.