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The lock button on my mercedes slk 2007 keeps flashing,so my convertible top won't go down and my side mirrors will not adjust. How do I unlock it?
I was driving my car and got pulled over by the police. when i put my car in drive to kleave, it wouldnt move. i put it in park and turned it off. now it wont start. the gear shift indicator says the car is in drive.
Mercedes disabled it and says I need to buy a new one for $6000!!!!!!!!
and the speed ometer and turn signals stop working. Lights are strong, car starts right away.
When turning the key, engine clicks, but will not turn over. I tried to jump, but no help.
my AC wasn't working, had it fixed, and now the radio doesn't work. is that coincidence, or just bad timing?
on the firewall? blower is not running on any speed.
the transmission was in comfort setting I tried to shift it manually but couldn't after stopping and turning off and restarting car it worked fine what can it be
When I retract the hard top down all the windows work but the driver side back window does not retract.
warrantee states up to 7 years for certain emission related items
Once the button depressed, the truck and windows open but the top will not open and start it's travel to the trunk.
Sometimes the car does not feel right. While driving,(@ 35mph) and the gear is set in D, it downshifts directly to 3rd gear. I will stop, and restart the car, and the problem goes away. It downshifts from D to 6th gear. Is this a transmission problem, or a black box problem? The problem began 2 days ago after 3/4 days of 100+ degrees.
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