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Mechanical doing routine maintenance suggested I get new brakes

change battery now car wont start and parking brake malfunction light came on

water pump replaced at 65000m & leaking again 73000m. dealer says engine head oil leak caused second failure; should I fix the car and sell it - don't want to replace pump every year

I currently scratched my front passenger side bumper and am wondering whether it'll rust if I don't get it fixed.

Every time I turn my car off it makes weird loud rushing noises.

This happens whenever I go from a low speed to 20-30 mph higher quickly

I brought my car into the dealer because of a hesitation while accelerating (going up hills or merging onto the highway) otherwise it drove fine. VW is saying that I need to replace the tiptronic switch (by replacing the entire shift assembly) quoting over $2000 - and now 1 day after leaving it with the dealer it is stuck in 1st gear and will not let me remove the key while in park. This all seems crazy to me, is this a normal price?

If this is a known problem why isn't it being looked into like the diesel problems vw is addressing and have known about and looking at this problem as being a scandal as well.

The ECP light is on along with the engine light. The car loses Power and starts jerking around when I try to accelerate.

Yesterday, my car has been replaced front brake drums and pads.

After that, I could hear a clicking noise from front wheel at lower speed on bumpy road(never heard before).

While I did test-driving with a mechanic, he told me they loosened some part, but another guy come to me and told me that I have to replace a shocker.

Please help me, Do I have to replace shocker?

if the car is starting (up to 80km/hour), can the root cause be 3 injectors and ECU defects?

Thanks for your advises,

This is not the first time this has happened. Car was running just fine, when it was parked, got in it to go somewhere, EPC light came on, almost no power. recently had throttle body redone.

Also just beginning to smell burnt oil. 90,000+ miles. Any idea on a fix? Im thinking PVC valve replacement after research.

And what is fair price for each

Noticed half quart low after 5,000 miles at oil change
Shop cleaned off engine told me to monitor level 2 weeks and return so they can locate where it's coming from. I will return next week to the shop. Has any other tiguan owners had this problem?

I have a 2009 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI. After a recent recall for a fuse and counterbalance, our tiguan started to randomly stall whilst driving. It was like no fuel was getting through to the injectors. After inspecting the fuel filter housing it was noted that there were an excessive amount of metal shavings around the top of the fuel filter housing. it was cleaned out and the problem when away temporarily. The car hasn't stalled since but this time the o ring at the top of the housing has gave out and yet again more filings were found on the inside of the housing and in the engine bay. I would like to know what might be causing these filings, where should I start to look

My check engine light was on. I took vw 09 in to get checked and they said it was one of the cylinders however I would have to replace all 4 because usually after one is replaced the others start to go out?

My check engine light was on. I took vw 09 in to get checked and they said it was one of the cylinders however I would have to replace all 4 because usually after one is replaced the others start to go out?

The vehicle is 2 years old and has barely been used - under 5000 km. (A courtesy check / top up of the engine was done at the dealership last year). It is parked most of the time. I have been using it for 2-3 weeks. When you touch the inside of the exhaust pipe, you get wet black soot / oil residue on your finger? Is it something serious or would a good long drive at high revs clear it and get the engine running OK.

I bumped the paki g brake switch on the center consul one day and the parking brake came on and stayed on I checked the fuse band it is ok

I have electric calipers I need to push the plunger on the caliper back in
so it fits over the new brakes.

Heavy rain. Night. Windshield all fogged up

I had front brake work done just about a month ago and this noise is just now occurring. The clicking noise happens when i apply the brakes but its not every time. Please help me understand this annoying noise.