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After driving for a hour or half my every station on my radio gets really fuzzy and not clear . Cd it works fine but radio not clear .
Codes came up multiple misfire changed coil pack did not help still runs rough has no power will not accelerate
I need to know what kind of tool is needed to replace a ignition switch for a 2007 kia rondo 2.4l,. Ps. I'm replacing the intire ignition switch, not the cyl.
I do not hear ac compressor click on, ac suddenly blows HOT air
Recomended mileage between tune ups
Can I remove rear seats
My ac just suddenly so working while i was driving
Sounds like it's not getting fuel
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Just won't start
we can clear it but as soon as you shut it off its back when you start it. Something about the not recognizing the VIN#
when I turn on my heat my a/c light is always lit
when i turn my car heat on the a/c comes on
The a/c was rattling, smoking, belt apparently broke. Can it( belt) be replaced and is bypassing the AC an option for this car?
When I start the car and accelerate I have a loud noise from underneath close to the driver side. When I let off the gas pedal it goes down. The RPM's will go up to around 2k. When I put it in reverse it sometimes sounds like the car will die but never does. I looked underneath and the muffler looks ok but I'm not sure what else it could be.
replaced a new fuel pump and now it will not start , is there a cut off switch

Groaning sound started about 4000 miles ago.
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