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When the car stops there is a noise from the fan , if the temp gauge light is flashing but ig its not flashing there is no noise
It happens on /off during the day besides the light flashing the car drives good .
The car runs well, no noises or problems at this time.
S5 is a 2014 with a supercharged V6
I've had the car inspected by 2 different mechanics and both said that the blower resistor was the issue to my ac not working. They both want to charge me $275 to fix it but I found the same part on Amazon for $20. I wanted to see if this is something I can do on my own?
my is an audi a6 1999 model, i want to locate the engine control unite
My subjected car recently had a problem when in the morning i start and drive for 1 or two hours automatically turns off and when i keep off for half or 1 hour again starts and i can drive for 1 hour again the same problem.

could you please be so kind to advise what is the problem and how to fix.
car starts and idles but when it hits 1400 rpm up to 2000 rpm it idles rough, anything above 2000 rpm runs fine
My 2013 Audi a6 service symbol is on. How much will it cost. I have 42k miles
I am planning to buy 2006,2007 or 2008 Audi A6 3.2 quatro and my question is -timing belt or chain and when is a time for replacement, what is tipicaly parts price and labor.
only the turn signal bulb works all the others dont
less than 30000 miles, the front tires were worn out on the edge and both front tires had to be replaced. Tire pressures are maintained at 33 PSI or 32 Psi.
Do I need to have toe and camber adjustment? Thank you
Can you disable the 2hr driving alarm??
My ignition was changed can I used my old key for my car
Key fob won't work ignition was changed at aution
I have a 2001 A6 2.7T Tip Quattro. In the morning or anytime after the car has been sitting off for over an hour it wont start on the first try. It cranks and cranks but wont start, sometimes it kinda will, it will be at an extremely low rpm and seem to die off unless I give it gas, but it seems bad so I just crank first for 2 seconds then turn it off, then it will start right up on the second try like normal
Hi i had my car detailed on Saturday. They cleaned the interior and shampooed the carpet. The key was left in the ignition - the car wasn't running - but all the doors were left open for aprox 2 hours while they worked inside. Then the alarm came on and lock down the car. We could not get the engine started. I could use the key to lock and unlock the door, open and close the windows but that's all i could do. What would have cause this to happen?

Thank you.

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