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My coolant reservoir cracked open and sprayed coolant at some exposed wires that I believe lead to my camshaft. How do I replace these wires?
a kar nem reagál kodolási rögzités probléma
I need to open the gas door to get to the gas tank so I can put gas in the car.
The secondary valve ,the computer valve and the switch have been replaced.
Why does it still come on after driving it a few days?
fob works when clicked but not when the door handle is touched as the door sensors should when touched and
who activates these new fobs; dealer says they do not
Driving down the street and all of a sudden it just started making a grinding squealing noise and it won’t go away
Car drives perfect temp gauge is where it should be. Main dealer dont know and gave up
The aircon and radio and headlights do come on and i have had the battery tested and all is in order.
I now have 92000 miles
My passenger side door closes completely, but the sensor is indicating otherwise. I've taken it to a shop and they couldn't figure it out. Any suggestions?
I notice that the check engine light when first starting is off until I turn car back on again . I just don’t know Much mechanical not only trust them to not have been the issue and it be more severe
My Audi A4 Quattro 2006 hard to turn . No noise .what could be the problem?
My wipers just come on when they feel like it and it stops only sometimes when light switch is used ? Wiper mechanism and motor been changed also a second hand panel under the dash has been changed as well ?
Please help me to find the problem on this Audi A4 2004 don't started because have a circuits the front light started crazy in the pump gas don't have power the pump I check is working but in the sistem is not working, I check the fuse the relay but nothing ?
Light first on early November 2017 then turned off by itself. Back on mid December. Dealer changed air filter, added fuel additives. Dealer thought to be carbon deposit. Returned car to me. Drove 50 or so miles, light back on. Car has been at dealer since 12/26/17. We've replaced the fuel pump. Light still on. I always use 91 Octane/Chevron w/Techron gas. What's next?
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