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Leaking oil

All lights work, after an hour or so, will not start. But it will crank but won't catch.

I hope to fix problem my self. Water at car wash or bumps seem to trigger it to work briefly

Its an automatic transmission.

Tried replacing the shift lever but to no avail.

While driving my car for 30 mins only had 4 days 05 AudiA6 car stop while driving Will Turn on and crank will not move engine

light stays on most of the time but goes out occasionally usually in stop and go driving

the stage on back window will not close

This happens when accelerating onto an on-ramp for example. It's like the car doesn't want me to drive fast (basically the reason I bought the S-line). Anyhelp's appreciated.

Where is the fuse for the transmission control module located

It wont turn on or off

u should pay for my oil bill ur very unhappy audio owner thank you

I want to paint my brake calipers red

We were told the bezel was replaced and only needed to program the climate control. The defrost is all that works. No heat. No AC. No way to control temperature.

As soon as I pushed the button the car just shut off and I put it in park and turned it back on but it's done it several times today?

Car had accident may have to replace front headlight if it is broken

What should I look out for when having this car serviced by the dealer? It's still under Warrenty.

my car starts and runs but wont move only one axel moves when i put it in gear. it is a manual transmission

My Radiator fan switches on when the car gets to the 90 degree mark (running Temp) and then stays on, even with normal driving and not racing it. It stays on for approximately 5 Min after I switch the car off. But it is running extremely fast. Could this be a faulty sensor or is it a sign that I need to change my water pump? Need to know as my car is coming up on its service time and need to budget for the worst.

When I rev the motor with the clutch released, the speedo display increases.
I jacked the car up to free both front wheels and with the engine off and the car in gear, I can turn the wheels easily

It doesn't whine while parked and reving the engine. Only makes the noise while under power. Doesn't make the noise while cruising only when I accelerate.

Possible blown head gasket, car runs but sounds and feels compression in the spark plug chamber. water and oil mix in the spark plug housing.

Air pumps don't work, nothing. Front wheels rub ride real low and bounces.

Audi a4 b7 2.0t. Removing my intake manifold/fuel rail but I can't get it out. I have all the mount bolts and screws off, all hoses, electrical connectors, and fuel lines are dissconnected. When I pull on it I can see it separating about a 1/4 inch but it feels stuck in the middle. I'm scared I might break it. Any suggestions on how to remove this?

screen pops up but a makes rachetting sound

How much does it cost to reset the electronic panel and keys?

What is the proper procedure to retime everything?

Code reads misfire cylinder 2& 3 . Before rebuild was reading ignition coil problem

No light on buttons for mmi mmi screen is black no music no navigation will not stay on or work lights up for 3sec parking brake symbol on

never had an issue with car since purchase. Maintained well/ self maintained. Currently after ten or less minutes of driving the pedal becomes non responsive and then after an hour or two of rest the response returns and the cycle restarts. I believe it's an electrical issue and hopefully a home fix. Any insight?