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system is charged full of Freon. blower is working but only blows hot air.
I just need to add oil and I've never done it myself.
Its not the motor its in wiring some were
Car runs like shit
Can I just change the rear shocks or are they struts? And is it difficult to do?
changed fuel filter, cars runs good with ac off but turn ac on and it cuts out
J30 with a v6
When the car is off the ground, and I push the brake pedal down the front brakes will work the rear wheels will continue to turn
I want to now how to remove back seat infinity 1993
The alternator belt needs to be replaced
My gears started jumping third gear won't. Work keeps skipping I'm afraid it could be a transmission problem but if anyone has a similar problem would like to know could use the help.
I'm taking it to scrap to make sum money
I locked my doors for the first time2 weeks ago opened the driver door i didnt lock it but the others car alarm starts going off wont stop won't start
Attempting to find, remove unit and/or read codes on ECU. Engine smog test was fine. Parked for two months. Restart makes rough run, smokes, no power and oil press light on. Plenty of oil in car. Replaced Plugs and power control unit. Coils are fine.
My 98 J30 overheated and now won't start it's got spark it wines and won't fite
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