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Driver door is locked and won't open. The central locking keeps lo king itself and I have to get in on passengers side
door key wont work pulling up lock dont work lock will pull up just dont unlock door
top of engine noisy
no power to the radio in a 2008 kia rio all fues good ??
The shop could not add freon to the current compressor [i think that is what they said]. I would not have purchased a car had i known I would have to replace units so quickly!
Some days it seems OK, but have problems on other days for no rhyme or reason. It seems to indicate a bit slower than I'm actually going, if the 'your are going...' signs you occasionally see are accurate. I recently got a new transmission (I see in some of the discussions that there's a sensor on the trans, so thought I'd throw that in). I drive a LOT, but since I've spent a fair amount on money on the car this year, I would really like to fix it myself if possible.
I push the starter. Everything electronic turns on but the car starter clicks once and then does nothing. Is this the starter? I cleaned the battery connections and nothing. Please help!
How long have you had this problem? Yesterday. Did it one single time before. Thought it was a fluke.
The fuses are fine but no power to radio or horn after unplugging and reconnecting the battery
2006 Kia rio driving then enging stop
Sometimes my car will run great and other times it will stall continuously and then turn over but not start back up. I have replaced the starter multiple times and I have replaced the battery. Brought it to two different mechanics and they can't seem to find the problem.
It will jump from 10 to 40 and back. When it rains it seems to work better. The car does not like hot weather and I live in Florida.
All of a sudden cut off
There's got to be a common factor in the reason why these cars are having ignition coil issues. Is it possible to get a somewhat of an answer to these issues. And could Kia be held responsible for it.
The vehicle ran for awhile after but now won't start. Engine turns over but thats it.
It was missing a little ,about a week before this happened
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