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When I change the gear to drive or reverse it doesn’t move. The engine sound will go up but it won’t move. Unless you put it in parking mode and restart it again.
no noise just going uphill
I just replaced the drums, drum hardware, shoes, pads, cylinders, and rotors. On my brakes a year ago and recently my brakes got soft over the period of about a month. I found fluid all over my proportioning valve and took video of it while I pumped the pedal. In the video I saw air bubble coming out of the two top ports of my proportioning valve. They stiffened up after I added fluid to my almost empty brake reservoir. I cleaned off the proportioning valve and drove it for a day. The proportioning valve was covered in fluid again.
My car keeps running out of oil and I'm not sure why. There isn't any leaks that I see. There isn't any oil on the ground where I'm parked so the car is just going through this oil. I'm not sure what's causing this
the issue just started today about an hr ago. the car still runs fine just doesn't make my speed it stays at Zero.
The car ran for two days, no problem. The third day it quit. We were told that coils needed to be replaced. Waiting to have a compression tester to test it. Could this be related to an o2 sensor also?
So my car engine light was on and we checked the car and put AT oil in (auto transmission) as it was very low. Servo guy checked it and said all looked good then we drove home and the light kept flashing and revs would go up even thought we were parked at the lights. Any idea on what this maY be? Car has no leaks.
Checked fire, fuel, and air components. Also replaced starter battery and several switches. Relay is kicking off under the hood. Any thoughts?
2002 kia optima One day my blinkers just stopped working but every other light does there is no clicking or any sound of any sort
A combien de Km compteur dois-je la remplacer, merci.
My car 2008 model kia rio suddenly stops at signal and doesn't starts for 2-3 mins? Mostly occurs at evening when start the car after a long gap .this will happen once in a day.mechanic too failed to find out prbs.

My 2013 Kia Rio has been making this rattling sound every time I push on the gas. When I first purchased my vehicle, it was just a slight rattle whenever i turned. I didn't think it was a big deal until now. A few weeks later, I took my car in for an oil change at Jiffy Lube, they did not mention anything wrong that could make any sounds. Another month went by and the rattling was getting louder and longer, so I took it back to a different auto-shop and they had mentioned my front driver strut mount was losing and could cause noises. Now my car makes a rattling noise when I accelerate, it will rattle for a while and then go away. I was messing with the gas pedal and notice when I take off the noise appears until I release my foot from the gas or it goes away on its own. My boyfriend thinks it's the transmission fluid but we have no idea how or where to check the fluid.
Need to repair the clutch in manual transmission but needa manual
My kia rio 2015 a.c. works well but under sun while driving comes and stops n on again, only while on motion
My car stall while on the road its mostly happened after 15 or 20 minutes on the road.but after a few engine rest 15 to 20 minutes,its begin to start again
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