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And heated seats don’t show up on screen or distance in front when packing looks like screen locked up on auto temp 72 degrees won’t respond to any change of temp
High pitched squeaks from engine that seems to follow the vibration of the car. Doesn't happen at start while car is cold. Squeaking starts only after car has been driven for a while and continues till engine has been turned off and has had ample time to cool down. Replaced serpentine belt 2 weeks ago but it's still squeaking
Air conditioning not working. Blows only warm air
We've noticed the gear shift (even though it's an automatic) has had small broken pieces that came off the lever when you push it in to shift into Park. On two occasions, the car won't go into Park and shut off.
The front of my S60 T5 2004 was damaged recently. Replaced the radiator, knowing the condenser was bad too ( couldn’t afford a repair ). Obviously, the ac isn’t working, and finally have the money to buy a new condenser. How do I know if I need a new compressor too? Oh, the fan runs all the time it’s on too. Is that a bad relay, or somehow trained into the compressor? I’ve read about a clutch, but haven’t got a clue??? I by no means what to do a disservice to anyone who is a trained professional, by trying to repair it myself, I just can’t afford it. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks
Mechanic says it needs a Catalytic Converter.
Failed emissions test.
Is it worth repairing?
I had my battery and alternator checked for current and voltage they checked out fine
The car is in Dive, but it wont move. Noisy when I shift back to Park. When I apply accelerator, the rev counter and speedometer needles move, but the car stays stationary. The car has 215 000 kms.
"Themes" comes across the dash console screen. What does this "themes" message mean?
Starts but doesn't idle good, has no emission when accelerate
First timing belt replaced on schedule. (plus or minus 100k)
When does the next replacement get scheduled?
How much mileage?
Have a great car, want to keep in great shape!
Im trying to jump car off
I changed the thermostat. The water pump is pumping water through the engine.
I have a message it says no oil pressure obviously have pressure because I've been driving the car
My Volvo S60 was burning too much oil so the dealer decided I needed the rings and pistons replaced in the engine-major repair. Now I have an engine check light on after few months of the repair and the diagnose is pcv system failure. Could the repair be related to pcv system failure? I'm hearing noise on the right side of engine as well.
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