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I took it in for an oil change and the inspection came back with this issue to be fixed! They said it needed to be done quickly! Got an estimate of 980.00 parts and labor. Good or bad or can anyone beat it? I took it to a place specializing in European cars thinking it would be cheaper than my dealership, but it seems pretty close to dealer prices!?
When car is turned off and locked the lights keeping blinking on and off
Car won't start, but is crunk
How do I get the timing to go down?
What makes the dash lights not work like the speed ometor not work or the temp not work?also how do I get the radio to work ?
This error only appears sporadically. When it appears there is no loss to power or engine. When the car is off, the error is no longer visible and car shows all systems ok.
radio works great in fm but not am
Error message comes and goes. Fuel and efficiency fluxuates
Will not accelerate but changed twin turbo
The speedometer, tach, gas gauges and indicator lights stopped working after the car sat idle for 2 weeks.
Its all original parts only been 164000 miles.
It starts jus runs rough
The vibration occurs regardless of speed im traveling and its only that one tire. Car service & maintenance info. says front and rear brakes OK.
The car loses it's power then I stop and turn it off and on again then it's fine
The cloth in the ceiling is dropping and I would like to know the cost and where should I take it for the repairs.
i got all other power but wont start! it had a burned smell to it! thanks everyone for your help!
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