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radio works great in fm but not am

Error message comes and goes. Fuel and efficiency fluxuates

Will not accelerate but changed twin turbo

The speedometer, tach, gas gauges and indicator lights stopped working after the car sat idle for 2 weeks.

Its all original parts only been 164000 miles.
It starts jus runs rough

The vibration occurs regardless of speed im traveling and its only that one tire. Car service & maintenance info. says front and rear brakes OK.

The car loses it's power then I stop and turn it off and on again then it's fine

The cloth in the ceiling is dropping and I would like to know the cost and where should I take it for the repairs.

i got all other power but wont start! it had a burned smell to it! thanks everyone for your help!

The fuse and the relay are good, so I was wondering if the fule pump is no good. It will fire if I put fule directly to fule rail, but I do not no the plug to pump diagram. The plug has numbers, I'm thinking I could check power to pump if I new the plug was properly powered.

is it safe to wait til 75,000 miles or up to 100,000

I am having loss of power issues.

Obviously by my question you can tell i am not repeat not a mechanic!!!! Ad I am not a blonde girl either!!!!

the knob still turns but it seems its not connecting to the system? Just happened randomly after picking up car from getting detailed at car wash.

I have had several instances of the headlamps and tail lamps coming on just as if you picked up the door handle and security was set. We keep the keys well away and I have went out and never found any sign of it being someone trying to obtain entry to the vehicle. The high battery warning has been coming on lately although battery is < 1 year old and both keys have new batteries and are charged to system regularly. Appreciate any insight!!!

Tried to turn over, now nothing. No error message on dash, all electronics work, tried both keys, cables on battery are clean, light on battery is green

Can a valve cover gasket leaking cause the car idle low and hesitate when stopping and going

I have taken the vehicle to BMW three times for this same reason. They have charge me for a oil diagnostic 190.00. The problem still exist. I took the car back yesterday and show them where the leak is located in the oil housing area. They saw it this time and said that it was ok, charge me an additional 97.00, but the problem persist. The check engine light is still on and the oil level light is still on. I don't know who to take the car to if BMW cannot repair their own product. I have taken the car there three times within the past year

driver side window was left open and rain wet the power window switch. Now three of the windows will not open or close. Do I need to replace the drivers side switch or all three switches?

First time error message has appeared. Car is running rough, can drive slowly, but am 300 miles from home...

I have had the heat shield around exhaust checked for tightness - no problem there!

The drivers side mirror keeps over rotating after the car is turned off and i return to it at a later time.

it is displaying Driver restraint system malfunction,
we reset it once it comes right back on. The mechanic code is 0X930958 what IS WRONG with vehicle?

it will start after long cranking with full throttle